Filling in the blanks

Now that it has been a year since our successful cycle, I have decided to play “catch up” on this blog in a new way. I’ll keep updating with regular what’s happening today posts, but I’m going to add in ‘a year ago’ posts as a way to document our journey. I’ll try to post one for each month. I wish I had thought of that in September, but I suppose I was otherwise occupied…anyway, here we go!

December: To back track a little further, a year and a few weeks ago I had my LMP (last menstrual period for those not in the know). December 2nd. MamaLee was in Ireland doing her thesis research, while living with one of my best friends and her son in Cork. I was jealous, but decided that I would make the best of the time and did an almost whole house purge. I cleaned, painted, walked the dog, played with our friends’ kids, and generally stayed busy. I also had the most regular cycle I’d had since I started tracking a year earlier.

If you don’t want details on how I conceived, stop here.  I benefited enough from reading about other success stories that I feel obliged to share ours.

We used a known donor who happens to be a good friend (best luck ever with that one!), so when I told him I thought I might ovulate at the right time this cycle, we hung out and had beers and watched tv while I painted the bedroom, I walked the dog, he gave me his part of the pie and headed home while I did an at-home insemination all on my lonesome. Details include: a specimen cup, an oral medication syringe without the tip, pre seed lube, and vitex starting at the last day of my period.

The two week wait began on December 16th. For me it was kind of a two-and-a-half-week wait since MamaLee wanted me to wait until she got home from Ireland on the night of the 1st. Fair enough, not wanting to hear about your impending parenthood via Facebook messages.

Christmas was lovely, spent with local friends and family, but I was preoccupied. Sometime between Christmas and New Years I had dinner at the house of some good friends who knew we were trying to conceive, and at that point I was thoroughly convinced that I was pregnant. I said so, because I was so excited, but also because I knew that I would be so devastated if I weren’t that I would want them to know and perhaps help scrape me off the floor.

New Years Eve I spent with the high school youth at my Unitarian Universalist fellowship (I’m an advisor) for an overnight. I spent the night feeling crampy and woke up several times from dreams about miscarriages. That was the last overnight I did with them.

I’ll dip briefly into January since it would be cruel to stop there. I’m a planner. I was already struggling not to pee every hour, but for accuracy those dang home pregnancy tests said I had to wait 4 hours. Or do it first thing in the morning. I was three days late already (for all my crazy cycle stuff my luteal phase was ALWAYS 14 days long) which merely solidified my certainty. I wasn’t going to wait until the next morning. So I figured out where I could stop to pee on the way to pick up MamaLee so that I could test the moment I got home. There was a rest stop at just the right place on the highway.

Picking up MamaLee after a six week absence was awesome. It was enhanced by the fact that I was now certain I was pregnant. I remember getting home and dashing to the bathroom to take two tests (neither of which I have a photo, boo). Both were positive in about 10 seconds. Leah cried and I was very happy to be proven correct in my belief that I was growing a little poppy seed.