4 month stats

Albie weighed in at 18 lbs 11oz, 25.5 inches long, and basically that makes him a little butterball. I think my midwife’s joke that I make cream rather than milk is accurate. Four month vaccinations were a dream compared to two months. Last night he slept with only three wake ups (typical for an average normal night) and woke up for the day at 9:30. This could be a combination of things, including three vaccines, yesterday was a poop day (still every fifth day with this kid…), and both bottom front incisors are fully through good poor little gums. Whatever the cause, I’m celebrating a night of decent sleep!

4 months, the story of a tooth

It’s true! Albie cut his first tooth three days ago now and the next one is working its way through now. This makes him the youngest teether of all my kids. He’s now figuring out how to latch with a tooth while nursing, and I think he’s just about there. I forgot they have to relearn with teeth!

Four month old Albie is sweet and smiley. His current favorite toys are a cloth book and a red rattle ball. Everything goes straight into his mouth if given any opportunity at all, and I’m starting to think about how best to keep the girl’s small toys away from him when he becomes mobile.

3.5 years

I began this post on Linnea’s half birthday, but life intervened. Only a few days late!

A year ago, my sweet 2.5 year old began preschool with her big sister, and wow what a difference a year makes. At 3.5, Linnea is a bright, funny, sweet child. She takes after Darwin in her love of letters and numbers, and also her ability to scream like the world is crumbling. Thankfully, her tantrums are much shorter lived, and often are the result of exhaustion, hunger, or transitions.

Linnea’s favorite colors change daily, she loves to work with tools, and she sings like a little bird. This week the girls began ballet classes and it was such a joy to see her following along, a giant smile on her face much of the time.

3 months

Three months ago I had just had my first contraction! Sweet Albie is officially out of the fourth trimester and is a complete joy. I’ve never known a baby as calm and happy as he is. I’ve heard of mythical babies who can put themselves to sleep without rocking or bouncing or nursing, but never thought I’d have one of my own. It is miraculous.Albie’s likes at 3 months include faces, lights, singing, smiles, being held, laying on the floor, tummy time, rain, snuggles, Darwin and Linnea (especially when they’re bouncing around), being outside, his Grandma and Opa, nursing, sleeping (!?), watching people eat, getting his diaper changed (!?), and riding in the Tula. Dislikes include tummy gas, being surprised, being overtired, and wet diapers.

9.75 week well-Albie visit

Albert is the picture of health according to his pediatrician. He weighed in at 15.5 lbs, 23.5 inches long, and vitals good across the board. By far the biggest of the babies and also the most easy going. He got his vaccinations, cried for about 2.5 messiness, then was back to his normal, cooing, smiling self. Since the shots he has been chill, happy to nurse and relax on the bed or floor, or in his swing while I attend to the three baskets of laundry, dinner dishes, and chickens.

He also busted out of his size once diapers, just in time for my order of three new diaper covers for him to show up. This kid is just great.

2 months

Month two was quite eventful for Albert. He went on his first trip to the Oregon coast (loved the waves – he slept every time he could hear them), learned to smile, began having a few bouts of painful gas (yay for gas drops), was induced to the ER after a fall in the Moby wrap (thankfully my knee took most of the fall), began cooing, and grew into 3 to 6 month clothes.

Now that I’m 2/3rds of the way through the 4th trimester, I’m feeling like I’ll be able to really enjoy life with three in the longterm. I enjoy it in the near term too, but exhaustion, life changes, the moments where all three need me right now and there’s only one of me have definitely made the last two months a challenge. In this moment though, I can see a path through the fog, and it looks a lot like three smiling kids.