28 weeks

Here we are at the start of 2019 v1.0! Firefly is officially over 2lbs (based on averages) and about 14 inches long this week. He remains active and I’m regularly feeling hiccups in my pelvis. The kids delight in feeling him kick now and Linnea regularly asks “is the baby kicking mama?”

I had a prenatal on Tuesday, in the midst of chaos, and all was well. I got to hear his heartbeat while he was hiccuping and it was hilarious. Being in the third trimester we now move to prenatals every two weeks. It’s strange how slow and how fast this pregnancy has gone.

Currently I’m reading Emily Oster’s new book, Cribsheet, which I’m enjoying immensely. Her approach to considering all the decisions of early parenting is that of an economist – examining risks and benefits, and exploring tradeoffs between different decisions (in case you don’t know, this is the basis of my work in forestry and wildfire), and I’m appreciating her prose in addition to the accessible information. It’s also the first new book that hasn’t been related to my work that I’ve started in a long time and it feels good. Anyone else reading anything interesting these days?

I’m currently the only person awake in our house, so with that, I’ll sign off to enjoy a few more minutes of silence before the chaos begins.


One thought on “28 weeks

  1. rose says:

    had not known you were forestry and wildfires! So happy to have women in that field!!! I am old and knew the time when women were not part of world. Happiness to you all! Voting for wonderful baby and healthy family.


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