Two in preschool

Ever since Linnea started preschool in mid January things have calmed down,in most ways, a little bit. The kids are generally in school together from 9 to 12 Monday through Thursday. Linnea is apparently fitting right in and has never had a difficult drop off the way Darwin did starting out. Trailblazing can be tough when you’re three.

All in all, it’s delightful. Both kids love the fact that they go to school together. Darwin and her best friend I have apparently absorbed Linnea into their twosome seamlessly (so far). Linnea is now able to voice her desires about new lessons she would like from the teachers, regularly has snack, and uses the bathroom even more successfully than she does at home.

Currently Darwin’s favorite thing to do is play Mancala with L, and Linnea seems to be happiest washing dishes and doing art projects. I can’t wait for parent-teacher conferences to find out more!


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