Day or night

It’s always a funny thing having children who are so different from one another. Darwin is a night owl and would sleep until noon like a teenager if we let her. Linnea, while she has had nights where she is wired until 11, typically she is asleep by 8. When she doesn’t nap, she often falls asleep in her dinner. But she’s often up by 6.

In the last month or so, Leah began telling her it was still night, not say, and it was time to go back to sleep. This kid bought it! To the point where when now both of our children wake up and if it’s not clearly light outside they demand ‘day or night?’ If we respond ‘night’ they try to go back to sleep!! What is the magic?

After four years of never sleeping through the night, I’m now getting sleep in 4 and 5 hour chunks regularly. It is glorious.


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