Working from home, I hear the latter of (very big) little feet down the hallway. Linnea walks into the the office and very solemnly says ‘here’s your flower,’ hand me a flower, grins, and patters off.



For the last several months Darwin has talked about getting her hair cut short. For so long she had been effusive and proud of having long hair, and even when she would talk about a hair cut she seemed uncertain, so we were hesitant to have her get it cut really short until she was sure.

The day came a couple weeks ago, and this kid is just ecstatic with her new hair. She gets a huge grin every time she catches sight of herself in the mirror and generally seems suddenly more self confident. I think she knew what she wanted and spoke up for herself, and that was really empowering for her. I’m so proud!

Climbing to the top of a play structure like she’s been doing it forever.