Summer all grown up

I love summertime. The long days, kids out of school, our college town emptied of its near 30k students. Our bean and tomato plants are grown food in exchange for a daily water. Apples and grapes are promising to give us a banner year for apple sauce and grape juice, and the hops are, as always, promising to fruit far more than Leah can keep up with for her herbal needs (anyone want to come get some fresh hops in a month?).

All that said, the good things about summer are feeling bittersweet right now, because I have to crush them ask into a few hours before bed and the weekend. It’s led me to saying ‘yes’ to more evening activities with the kids than is prudent (see: stupid hour-long bedtime meltdowns from easy overtired kids), and generally has me bumming a bit. I want to go home, drag the hose out with the sprinkler and let the kids run away from the water for a couple hours while I garden.

It’s not that I dislike my job. I love most of what I do, even with the high stress moments when my boss I’d getting pressure from his boss and we get the same pressure as a result. But my work is really great, I just wish I could have a two month vacation to be home and play with the kids and parent and get house projects done.

And to be honest, I sometimes miss being bored! I spend so much of my time running from one thing to another, I’m starting to look forward to the day when all the kids are of at friend’s houses and Leah and I sit on the couch and do nothing for once. Haha. Kidding, that will not happen until the….ever.


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