Last week I drove down to California with both kids and my dad (who is recovering from a badly broken leg/knee). We went by way of Reno to see friends from Maine then over the Sierras and up to our family cabin near Big Trees State Park. The kids were amazing, especially given that Linnea hasn’t spent a full 24 hours away from Leah ever and our trip was 8 days long.

Highlights included playing in the pool, splashing in Lake Alpine, and playing with the cousin’s kids. Darwin found a friend in my cousin’s youngest daughter (almost 7) and Linnea was a hit with the older kids. I think because she would basically mimic them doing anything and they thought she was adorable (which is true).

The house we stayed in most of the time had a big porch the kids loved sitting and playing on. The rails weren’t to code which meant I was a stress ball while they were out there.

Every day was an exhausting one. Darwin took more naps on good trip than she did last year. Linnea slept well for naps and had a few all nighters with no wake ups. She also finished potty training on this trip. So proud!

Family pictures are the best. Just missing MamaLee!


The first last day

Darwin finished her first year of preschool last week. It was a mixed bag this year, with lots of rushed mornings and tears, concurrent with happy pickups and insistence that “I LOVE my school!” Since she definitely gets her dislike of change/transitions and her not morning-personness from me, I am sympathetic. I am also relieved for a break from having to drag her through her morning routine!

Things she worked on this year include: several of her letters, sorting things by size and categories (like living and non-living), following rules, dancing, singing, painting, doing buttons and zippers, and being in a space with 23 other kids. It was a big year.

One of the questions we had for her at the end of the year was how she would feel about Linnea going to her school either next year (if a mid year spot opens up) or the following year. Darwin was enthusiastic about the idea and very insistent that she would not be happy of Linnea went to a different school because “this is the best school and Linnea should go here.” Alright kiddo, deal.

Leah was awesome and took the time to repeat our first day of school questions. Things have changed in just 9 months!

23 months

Two is roaring into our house with lots of talking, laughing, and screaming. Currently Linnea is either the happiest kid on the block or she’s losing her mind screaming and throwing full blown tantrums. 2 is certainly the age for big feelings.

She’s mostly night weaned now, which basically meant weeks of disrupted bedtimes and hard night wake ups. Now we’re mostly just down to the hard night wake ups while bedtime is pretty smooth. Mostly. Some I’m still up in the night with Darwin regularly most of Linnea’s wake ups fall to Leah so it’s been a rough month for her. I step in sometimes, but it’s clearly not enough to make much of a difference. I look forward to being through the nightly wake ups.

I would venture to say her favorite actively currently is drawing. As we see on our walls, windows, and windowsills. No writing utensil can be left within sight or reach unless we want a room redecorated.

Linnea is such a snuggle bug these days. Always on the go, she never fails to pause for a hug and a chat about colors or counting or talking about her day. It’s quite sweet.

Hard to believe this kid will be 2 in less than 4 weeks, and also hard to believe she’s not 5 already. She thinks she can do everything he big sister can and is usually correct.

I Think You’re Wonderful

This morning Darwin and I were snuggling and she said she wanted to sing me a song. This is a new thing that she’s been doing a lot lately. I love it. She told me the song was a surprise, and busts out in the following lyrics*:

I think you’re wonderful

When somebody says that to me

I feel wonderful, as wonderful can be

It makes me wanna say the same thing to somebody new

And by the way I’ve been meaning to say

I think you’re wonderful, too

Let’s just say I had a hard time not a) crying or b) throwing all my money at this preschool (which let’s be real, we already do, but still).

So in case you need to hear it, I think you’re wonderful!

* lyrics by Red Grammer