21 months, 22 months…oh my!

Linnea is about to hit the big 23 months and I’ve managed to miss the last two monthly updates, so a quick list of the last two months before we hit 23 next week.

  1. This kid talks CONSTANTLY. In full, coherent, often hilarious sentences. From telling us what she wants to telling us she loves us (one of my very favorite milestones), her language explosion has made life both easier and more delightful. She makes jokes “hedge…FROG!” instead of hedgehog (with big grins and laughs). She repeats most things Darwin says, including things like “I love my sister!” Also, “mine,” less fun.
  2. While Darwin is happy to sleep in until 8…or 9, Linnea is up by 7 every morning. This kid is a hardcore morning person. She wakes up happy and ready to go. Typically she wakes at around 5 and nurses (the only nursing she does now) until she wakes for the day between 6 and 7. I don’t know how she is for Leah in the morning, but when I’m up first she’ll play independently for 20-30 minutes with whatever toy she finds interesting (this morning it was trains, then magnetiles), before declaring that either a) “I’m HUNGRY,” before running to the cupboard to decide what she wants for breakfast (almost always baby cereal with goat milk right now), or b) telling me “I needa go potty!”
  3. Because this kid is about 80% potty trained. Or in her words “I wanna potty train!” It’s both awesome (bye bye constant stream of diapers) and frustrating (hello nightly wash of accident laundry). But overall I’m glad for it.
  4. Linnea is a big eater. She eats more than Darwin by far, and eats almost everything we put in front of her. Favorites are definitely pasta and cheese, but vegetables and fruits and meat of all kinds are also enjoyed enthusiastically. It’s not surprising to me. She needs to eat to keep up with her high energy!
  5. Running, scootering, climbing, rocking on the rocking horse, digging in the sandbox, this kid doesn’t ever really stop until she just passes out asleep.
  6. Nap time is awesome. She lays down and goes to sleep within 5 minutes usually. We paid for it up front, as she didn’t really nap when she was an infant. Now she’ll regularly sleep for two hours during the middle of the day. Sometimes three. It’s delightful and wonderful and will now cease to be true since I’ve spoken it aloud. Or at least written it.
  7. Bedtime was awesome, but in the last week + it was been…long. She used to lay down and be asleep in her pack’n’play within 15 minutes. Now she tosses and turns for upwards of an hour, sometimes closer to two. I realized last night that it might be related to the fact that she isn’t nursing before bed (not asking, not offering), and the milky hormones might be making it harder. So I’m going to give her a warm bottle of goat milk tonight before we brush teeth and see if that helps. Cross fingers please.
  8. Singing songs. Just like her big sister, Linnea loves to sing. They actually squabble over whose turn it is to sing/choose a song to sing together. It’s adorable/obnoxious.

See you in a week for the next installment of “how cool is this kid!?”



I’m so behind on everything with blogging right now, and don’t have time or energy for the moment to catch up, except that this joined our family last weekend and I’m super excited to have enough space for all the things now!