A mix of luck

Yesterday we were (yes we, the entire family) diagnosed with strep throat. Luckily, only Leah and I ended up with the glass-in-the-throat symptoms, the kids have just been feverish and really whiny for the last few days. It took me getting the sore throat (“sore” is such a misnomer, it really does feel like swallowing shards of glass) to go get tested, then Leah and Darwin got tested. The doc, once Leah described symptoms, agreed to dose Linnea with meds without sticking the swab down the kid’s throat, so that’s a minor win.

Then last night, the kids slept, like really slept, for the first time in weeks. And today Darwin started getting really excited about the scooter we got her 6 months ago, which she has basically shunned and I have been silently thinking of a the “first expensive failure” of childhood gift getting. She and Linnea have recovered way faster than us adults, thank goodness, and spent a nice part of the morning running around the front yard. Darwin slept for almost 12 hours, with no wake-ups, which is unheard of for her. I think she’s definitely on the mend! 20180406_115558.jpg

This morning, I discovered that the State of Oregon is accepting my appeal to them saying I hadn’t filed part of the tax paperwork I needed to claim childcare credits (which I know I did). I had images of them saying that I’d made a tiny mistake that was going to cost us the credit or something, so my anxiety there was relieved. And now we can afford to get new gutters this year…hopefully.

In broader family news, last week my poor father broke his leg (the one he didn’t break about 5 years ago…), and he had surgery to repair it this week. The strep throat has meant that I haven’t been helping as much as I would like, but the supportive community here has stepped up amazingly, helping at every need. My dad is recovering really well and I’m looking forward to being not contagious so I can see him and help out again!