Singing songs

I’m determined to blog about more than just the monthly updates, here’s a start. It’s really a delight to have two kids who love music, and in particular, like singing songs.

Linnea currently bounces back and forth between Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She has a strong preference for which songs are to be sung at bedtime and in what order. In particular, Over the Rainbow means snuggle time is over and it is time for her to lay down in the pack n play. If she isn’t ready and I begin singing it, there is a plaintive “noooo”, at which point I tell her I’ll sing one more song, then rainbow. It actually makes for a very smooth transition!

Darwin is obsessed with a Woody Guthrie song, Roll On Columbia, Roll On, sung by the Weavers, at the moment. She sings This Pretty Planet, and a handful of other songs from school. When she wants me to sing at bedtime, chances are good she’ll sing along with me.

I grew up playing the piano (not very well), the trombone (decently enough), and picked up the guitar (basic chords) and a little violin (really not well) when I got a little older. I am so excited to see how these kids grow in their musical interests over the next few years.


19 months (a little late…)

Well, we’re half way to twenty months, and I’m just now getting to an update. The last month has been a whirlwind of work and school and trying not to let the house fall into complete disaster. We’ve mostly succeeded. But in the mean time, I’ve failed to update on our giant, running, talking child!

Linnea is an absolute delight right now. She has started speaking in short sentences, yells “JINGLE BELLS” with exuberant punctuation, and  climbs on to the top bunk of the new bunk beds with ease. She wants to do everything that Darwin does, including stripping off all her clothes (two naked children running through the house is even cuter than one!), climbing into her car seat herself, and full-stop running everywhere she can.

One of the cutest things currently is her love of animals. Cats, dogs, chickens, goats, this kid loves everything. We have a friend with a farm about 40 minutes away and Linnea delights in going to see the animals (and her little friend A, who is just a year younger than Linnea). There is a large cockatoo on the farm that greets us as we leave the car with a loud “HELLO MURPHY!” which Linnea takes as an invitation to respond over, and over and over. And what kid wouldn’t love to offer head-boops to a goat!? This is the best photo I got of her on her 19 month day.


Food continues to be a favorite activity, although we have started entering the “I’ll pulverize this but not eat it” phase, so meals have to be more carefully supervised. It makes breakfast, which used to be time where she occupied herself with eating, a little more difficult. I still have not found much that she won’t eat, but favorites include meat of almost all flavors, bananas, bread, and yogurt. Still nursing strong at this point, though Leah has expressed some familiar feelings of being tired of it, but not done. Parenting is so confusing sometimes.

Siblings are just kind of awesome. At least, these two are. That’s not to say it’s always easy (or pleasant), but overall, I think their personalities mesh. Linnea really wants to do everything Darwin does, right now, not in a year, thank you very much. She couldn’t go to swim this week because she had a tummy bug, and she was pissed that she didn’t get to go (Darwin did)…until we turned on Moana, which is her favorite thing to do, outside of nurse and emulate her big sister. This is mildly hilarious because Darwin will not enter a room in a movie is playing. They race up and down the hall, with Darwin explaining that she “needs to be in front because I am gonna win!” Linnea takes it in stride. For now. It’s funny to think that at this age for Darwin, Leah was 7 months pregnant with Linnea. Darwin felt so big, Linnea feels so little! Perspective I suppose.

Hopefully I’ll be back before half way through the next month! Hope everyone is doing well out there.