18 months

Linnea turned 18 months old on the 4th. I was reading through some of the things to expect about 18 months and laughing over the things that were dead on and the things that were totally not her at all. Kids are so much themselves at this age.

Fun things:

1) Linnea loves to name things. Everything. Today I picked her up from care and they told me she had asked for her socks. Not to wear them, just to name them. She names all her body parts, animals, clothes, family members, and on and on.

2) The slide and the rocking horse. The girls got a slide from my parents for the holidays and she loves it. She asks for it several times a day and enjoys running her toys down it as much as anything. We also got a rocking horse that went from my uncle to his kids to me and my brother to my cousin’s kids and now to our kids. She gets on it without any problem.

3) Sibling stuff is just generally amazing. Linnea fell down in the hallway this morning and Darwin spent about ten minutes adding her where it hurt and kissing every spot, much to Linnea’s delight. Linnea looks for Darwin in the morning when she wakes up. They play together, run up and down the hall, take baths, and Darwin feeds Linnea every chance Linnea gives her. They are a delight.

Hard things:

1) ‘Mine!!!’

2) ‘Myself!’

3) ‘NO!’

(All the standards)

18 months is going well so far. Onward!