I got a notice from a parenting newsletter that my “39 month Growing Child” was available for me to read today. I stopped counting months over a year ago, but I still know them thanks to this publication (which is worth a look, in spite of its relatively heterocentric narratives).

Three and a quarter is an interesting age. So big and so tiny all at the same time. Seemingly small things can be the cause for deep and lasting upset (a children’s television show being on while Darwin could hear it in the other room), while others that I would think might be big and hard are easily triumphed, ignored, or heartily enjoyed (a book about the death of a tree called Bertolt, which is now definitely on the top five best hits).

Sometime around 3 + 1 or 2 months, Darwin fully weaned, with little fanfare. She also began sleeping through the night, identifying letters and numbers, and doing simple arithmetic (“we need three of those and I have one so I need two more!”), entirely unprompted. She can use a knife and fork, and a spoon with little effort, though she’d still prefer her hands. And to my utter delight, she has, in the last week, aquiesed and even requested that MamaLee be the one to put her to bed. It is glorious.

Preschool continues to go well. According to her teachers Darwin is an observer and likes things to be done right. So far we know she likes to do puzzles and wash dishes, and is currently working with the button board. A couple of weeks ago she came home keen to show off and practice her new skill of doing up and undoing buttons. The last major hurdles with clothes are learning how to do snaps and how to tie shoes.

Darwin is a sweet big sister (and adamant that we should have more children in our family – no news on that front currently though). She helps Linnea put on her socks and shoes, gets her things like her water bottle or coat, and delights in hugging her goodnight when Linnea deems it acceptable.

Yesterday we took the kids to a local carousel and both were enamored. They road three or four times and we got to see the workshop where the animals are carved and painted. Darwin fell apart when we had to leave. We were able to give her time and space to be sad though, and she was able to make the choice to get into her carseat on her own. 3 months ago it would have been a real struggle.

Life with this kid is good.


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