13 Months and Walking

Well, as usual this is a few days late, but Linnea jumped into 13 months the same way her sister did: by legitimately walking! Since she was mobile at 4.5 months and showing signs of wanting to walk early, we were (pleasantly) surprised that she held off, but the fact that we’re running out of pants that don’t have holes or stains all over the knees made this a welcome development. On the forth, she started taking 3-4 steps between us (me, MamaLee, and Darwin made a triangle!) and now, just 6 days later, she walks almost everywhere. Our little wobbler.

There are all sorts of neat and hard things about 13 months with this kid. She is all go right now. Her morning naps are slowly being cut (I couldn’t imagine her going down to one nap a day from three a month ago, and now we’re almost there). Her sleep overall is crap, according to Leah, but we’re still holding onto hope that walking is going to change that. When she starts at childcare at the end of August, that also may alter things!

Here’s a 13 for 13.

  1. Linnea knows when she’s being funny, loves to be tickled, and now tickles us as well. She loves to be silly in general.
  2. She prefers to use the potty (when we think to ask) and tells us when she is all done.
  3. Books are a theme with our children. Linnea has begun to demand (yes, demand and scream if we say no…) to have us read books. Current favorites include The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and a slide and see Under the Sea book from Usborne.
  4. Words, so many, many words! Darwin, up, doggy, (all) done, yes (“Da!”), mama, that, no, shoes, socks, the list goes on and on now!
  5. And speaking of shoes and socks, Linnea loves them and wants to wear them all the time. She and Darwin have matching shoes and it is adorable. She also pulls all the shoes off the shoe rack, and regularly hides one of each pair.
  6. Climbing continues. Darwin has a little step stool in the bathroom and Linnea has managed to climb up and fall off. She still climbs onto chairs, Darwin’s kitchen helper, us….
  7. “Rocka, rocka.” This is one of my favorites right now. Linnea will rock herself back and forth, sing-songing rocka-rocka. Sometimes she’ll ask me to be rocked. I love this kid so hard.
  8. Thank goodness, one of our kids likes having her teeth brushed! Leah started a bedtime routine a couple of months ago, and now I hear them reading a story and Linnea brushes (read chews) with her toothbrush.
  9. Lovies are her favorite thing in the whole world, except maybe Darwin, and Leah. She grabs and snuggles anything soft and squishy and pulls it to her, squeeeeeeezing it with all her might, the biggest, sweetest smile on her face. This kid is going to have a room filled with stuffed animals someday. It will not be at our house.
  10. We are starting to exit the 18-24 month clothing entirely now, I think. At nearly 25 lbs this is not a surprise. I can’t really remember what is in the next box, even though I only packed it away about a year ago.
  11. Whining, trantruming, and clingyness are in FULL SWING around here. While not constant through time, it is a significant part of every day. I look forward to 1) better sleep and 2) words helping get us all past this phase.
  12. Now that Linnea has a little bit of actual hair, it is curly at the bottom, which is entirely adorable and endearing.
  13. Food is super easy with this kid. She eats almost everything, and plenty of it. She also likes nursing again. The same thing happened with Darwin. I understand why people wean between 6 and 12 months, it is such a distracted-nursing/nursing strike-ridden difficult time! I’m glad for Leah that she was able to do what she wanted to do and keep going.

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