The growing excitement of birthdays

We are now a little more than a month out from Darwin’s third birthday. THREE. She is going to be three. We are going to have a three-year-old, preschool-attending, great big kid. This year, she gets to pick what we’re doing for her birthday (going to Grandma and Opa’s house and going to the park down the road). This year, she can tell us what she wants for her birthday. It begins…

Months ago, she started saying she wanted a red skateboard for her birthday (red is, without question, her favorite color). I did some research, and not surprisingly, skateboards are not generally recommended for three-year-old children. I did find a specific kind of scooter that is recommended for kids under 5, so we’re gearing up to present her with a Micro Kickboard (red, OF COURSE) on her birthday. She will also, simultaneously, be presented with a helmet and knee and elbow pads.

Carefully, carefully, I engineered the opportunity to talk to her about getting a scooter instead of a skateboard. I showed her a picture of the red scooter. I explained how skateboards are something that you get when you’re bigger, and you start with a scooter to learn how to lean and balance without falling so much (I didn’t not actually mention falling because I am not stupid ready to introduce that idea to her and scare her off of the idea entirely). I then asked if she would like a scooter before she gets a skateboard. No mama. I want a SKATEboard. This was the answer after some thought, and before she ran off to play with her sister. I was not surprised, nor was I overly disappointed. I was pretty sure we were going to have a skateboard that wasn’t going to be touched for 5 years after one try showed her that the kids on campus that she stops and gazes after longingly had been practicing a lot longer at both balancing and using a board than she has been alive.

Fast forward a few hours. Mama, I want that scooter, and then when I am big like you and MamaLeah I can have my red skateboard? Like when I’m five??

Holy. Shit. Kid is definitely getting the reddest, most amazing scooter ever, and a ladybug helmet to match.


7 thoughts on “The growing excitement of birthdays

  1. We’re deep in Roo’s 3rd birthday week right now. It’s a week because of the family members coming and going to celebrate her birthday, and her actual birthday is mid-week. We’re having the big party tomorrow afternoon (it’s mostly adults). Roo is having the best time, and being terribly over-tired. She’s super excited about getting her own camera 📷! Also, for her birthday means cake – I’m working on a Sherrif Callie cake at the moment (wish me luck).

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  2. Ah, birthday madness begins! 😉

    We have four of those scooters (well, three micros and a macro for my giant son) and we love them. They are so easy to handle and are very sturdy.

    Happy almost 3, D! You’re going to do such great things.

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