For a long while, it was impossible to get shoes on Darwin. We could never find the right pair, the socks weren’t good, and as soon as they were on, inevitably we would get in the car and off they would come.

Things changed when we got the Magic Shoes. Until that point, we had mostly hand-me-down shoes (she did have one pair of sneakers before that but I think they were too tight). We probably had 10 to 15 pairs of shoes. None of them fit quite right because they had molded to other feet.

Now Darwin has five pairs of shoes now. Keen sandals, rain boots, Magic Shoes, a pair of Soft Star barefoot shoes, and a pair of See Kai Run summer sneakers that we got on clearance last winter. All these shoes fit her properly and were not molded to other little feet first. She can choose to wear footwear without socks (her sandals) or with (everything else).

The best part of all of this is that she also puts her shoes by the door without being asked most of the time. After months of gentle reminders, it’s becoming less necessary. I’m not generally worried about things being clear and orderly all the time with the kids (ha, good thing, right?) But I hate the constant “I can’t find my shoes” struggle too. The best moment came yesterday, when my mom commented that Darwin had taken her shoes off and put them by the door all on her own at Grandma’s house. I’m so proud of this kid who is taking responsibility for her things!


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