12 months from the pediatrician

All is well with our happy youngest child, per her pediatrician this morning. Linnea’s vital stats, for posterity:

24 lbs 4 oz sturdy

31 inches long

The appointment went swimmingly. Linnea did not show off her latest skill (she currently stands and giggles, and takes steps between any two people willing to entertain the thought). Our lovely pediatrician is great with the girls, and the nurse we always have, who definitely rubbed me the wrong way the first time we met, has become a favorite.

Two shots today. Basically no crying. Over it in under 10 seconds. This kid is a champ. Leah laid her down on the table and I briefly thought she was going to go to sleep! Two quick pokes and done. Here’s hoping she sails through the next couple days too!

And now the latest cuteness: Linnea sat still for a good five minutes while Darwin attempted to help her get her shoes on. Kids together. They slay me.


2 thoughts on “12 months from the pediatrician

  1. So cute. I’ve been feeling super anxious about having a second child, but every time I see a post about Darwin and Linnea’s interactions it cuts right through that anxiety and makes me super excited about having two kiddos. So thanks for that!

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    • Aww, yay! I had a lot of anxiety, and the first few months were rough/bliss? Now we’re moving more and more into the sweet moments like this and the “damit stop hitting each other with toys” dichotomy. It’s mostly amazing and fun, but a very different dynamic than one. It is the best thing I’ve done with my life so far (don’t tell my academic adviser that… 🙂 )

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