Recently, Darwin has been using a lot of all our nothing language. Things like:

 “I’m going to eat it all up! The whole bowl!” 

Meaning the entire meal – not just what is on her plate. This does not come to pass, fortunately for the rest of the family, who would also like to eat. But this is all to say that Darwin is exploring limits of possibility rather than just limits of mamas. 

She has also been effusive in her descriptions about love. Several times per day we’ll hear: 

“I love both my mamas sooooo much! And Linnea and the kitties and Scouty dog…”

It can go on and on. Leah got it for the entire car ride home today. 

Inevitably, tonight, it happened. 

“I love the whole world. I just love everybody.”

That’s what I call a successful day’s work. 


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