Summer play group

Our church set up a summer toddler play group this year for a couple of weeks. Attendance for the second week was too low, so it’s just going ahead this week, which is great since Leah has this class she’s reworking and really needs some time this week. Darwin is proving that she is both a) ready to start preschool, and b) almost three.

Ready for preschool: Yesterday we were talking about it and she said “You’re going to take me and drop me off, right Mama? Then you’re going to go to work?” I told her yes, and she was very excited about the prospect of her own space. For a kid who has clung to me like a limpet, panicked at the thought of me being out of the house for more than a moment, this feels like this huge development, and gives me a clear view to a day when I can see Darwin having fun and living her own life, in which I am no longer the leading role. I feel terribly proud.

Three came later: When I picked her up, she had the most intense, loud, extended tantrum she’s had to date about getting into her car seat. It took me ten minutes to wrestle her into the seat (the first 5 were gently trying to work through, the last five were the actually wrestling while trying to keep my cool and validate her feelings…), and she proceeded to scream the entire way to my mother’s house where I had to pick up Linnea, then the entire way home. The problem? “I don’t WANT to be in my car seat!” The bigger problem? She’s getting too strong for me to successfully wrestle her into the seat. It took quite a bit of doing. I keep telling myself that persistence is hard now, but will serve her when the great climate apocalypse is upon us.

The playgroup itself was lovely. Darwin got to spend the morning with our swap family friends (swap is currently on hiatus/done? based on need/schedules/energy) and she was quite pleased with the day. They played outside, they did a craft where they made paper birds with their hand prints, and they played with toys. Darwin even ate a good snack! She was also worn out, but did not nap, and thankfully was asleep by 8 this evening. I was really resistant to dropping naps, but if current trends hold, it may be my favorite decision this year.


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