12 months

Hard as it is to believe, our little Bee is 12 months old. It is fascinating to watch her shifting farther from babyhood and into wobbler/toddlerhood. We’re all amazed that she’s not committed to walking yet, but she crawls so fast and furious in all directions at once, it seems she finds the idea of walking to be slowing her down too much. But now she speaks and engages in the world around her in increasingly autonomous ways. Here’s what 12 months looks like with this funny kid. 

1) Tickles. She tickles her feet, saying “ticku-ticku”. She tickles us. She makes us tickle her. And when she really gets tickled, she shrieks and laughs almost to the point of tears. She loves to be tickled. 

2) Shoes. Linnea will spend significant amounts of time pulling every shoe off of our shoe rack and piling them meticulously on the floor in front of the entry door. It is one of her very favorite quiet games. 

3) Baths. Thankfully, she likes baths as much as, if not more than, her sister. If Darwin asks for an alone bath, Linnea will stand at the gate and shriek in angry howls while rattling the bolts with all her might. W try to find other fun things when this happens.

4) Food. Linnea is not a picky eater, but is instead voracious. She is less forgiving than her sister has been about missed our late meals. Favorites include strawberries, yogurt, pasta, and blueberries. There is very little she just won’t eat. 

Birthday cupcakes!

5) Lovies. In the last week or two, Linnea has discovered lovies. She sees a stuffed toy and reaches for it, arms wide, pulls it to her chest and sways in delight. She was doing this worth a bath towel tonight. It was adorable. 

6) Words. Suddenly, out of the blue, she has a legitimate vocabulary. The most recent addition is “chicken,” complete with bok bok. She also rattles off  ‘go out’ constantly. Outside is the preferred location nearly all the time now. 

7) Climbing. She does. I can see the future and it includes being grateful for good insurance. 

8) Books. Current favorites include all books with silly finger puppets in the middle. She grins the most and biggest at Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

9) Hugs. She gets them. Now she gives them. Hugs may be my favorite milestone after smiles. Linnea clings and holds on like a little monkey baby. I love it. 

10) Bubbles. There is nothing in the world this kid loves more than bubbles. Except food. And Leah. I am pretty sure she currently loves bubbles more than me and in ok with that because who doesn’t want to see their kid that happy? 

There are bubbles!

11) Playground. Swings, slide, teeter-toter. Darwin is becoming more adventurous because of Linnea. Linnea already goes down the slide on her own, and now so does big sister! 

Under the teeter-toter.

12) Clothes. 18-24 month clothes. The girls will be sharing a wardrobe soon. This little one is solid and active and ready to take on the world. 


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