A year of two

The turning over of a year always brings with it retrospection for me. Today, we turn over a year as a family of four, a first year of siblings, a full year of parenting two. Which, in case you were wondering, is increasingly different from parenting one. When the little sibling realizes that she actually wants the toy that big sibling is in the act of boggarting, for example. 

Being a square feels easier to me than being a triangle did, in most ways. Both being gestational parents now, we’ve shared an experience of growing and birthing and nursing babies. Both being non gestational parents, we each understand the difference of how we relate to a baby we didn’t carry. For us, at this point, it is definitely different, without value judgement. Linnea wants Leah at bedtime. Darwin wants me. My methods for calming and connecting with Linnea are very different from those I used with Darwin at the same age. Part of that is that I don’t nurse Linnea, and part is simply their personalities. 

These kids are night and day about a lot of things. Darwin wasn’t a small baby, but Linnea has at least two pounds on her sister at the same age. Darwin has always been a picky eater, where Linnea eats more than her sister now. I think part of that is because Linnea is incredibly active and needs fuel. Darwin would sit for 30 or so minutes at this age and work through a pile of books. Linnea laughs more. Darwin talked more. They have both been wide eyed, taking in the world from the very beginning. 

This year of two has been amazing and wonderful. I find myself hoping we can do it again, but there is no direction on that front currently. For now, I’m going to sit back and soak up these kids. 


2 thoughts on “A year of two

  1. Two was the hardest adjustment and also the most rewarding. Seeing those sibling interactions was well worth working out a new rhythm. So happy to hear it’s been a wonderful year for you four! 🙂

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  2. You make it sound so good! I like the square-triangle analogy. When I taught architecture, we talked about how triangles are more stable than squares and to stabilize a square, you need diagonals. Sounds like you’ve got some good diagonals. Here’s to a summer of continued joy.

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