A first of July birthday

Today we celebrated Linnea’s first year with friends and family. It’s wild to think this time last year we were all cheering Leah up about not having gone into labor yet and trying to prepare for this new arrival. 

This year, we have a funny, observant, screechy, active, chatty, engaged little human. She has surprised us all by not yet walking, although I swear it’s because her crawling is so fast she doesn’t yet see the need. She does cruise expertly, and climbs everything we let her. 

So far her words include mama, dog, Dar, and today’s word: BUBBUH! I got two bubble tubes on a whim at the store while picking up ice, and they were definitely Linnea’s favorite thing about the day. My dad carried her around, chasing the bubbles and popping them for about 20 minutes while she shrieked and laughed and yelled bubbuh!

That big purple and green thing is Linnea’s dinosaur tail. Both girls now have dinosaur tails. Darwin prefers to wear hers on the front – we all worked very hard not to laugh so hard we cried. 

Cupcakes were a HIT. I don’t have the photos of her blowing out the candle yet, I think someone else took that photo. 

Oh my big nearly one year old. How lucky we are to have this funny, strong, cheerful child in our lives. Here’s to year two! 


2 thoughts on “A first of July birthday

  1. Looks like a great party! The Dino tail is awesome. A whole year, come and gone… So hard to comprehend… She looks like one happy child!


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