All night

It is really hot here (for Oregon). Leah brilliantly bought a watermelon yesterday, which Darwin proceeded to dent impressively. For the last week, Darwin has woken with a dry diaper every morning. She’s been out of daytime diapers for awhile now, but we told her she needed two weeks of dry wake ups before she could drop her nighttime diaper. I assumed when I watched her put away that watermelon last night that she would be wet this morning. Instead, she woke up quite disoriented around 12:45, sat up and said “mama I need to go potty!” After using the bathroom I asked if she wanted her diaper on (it was so hot…). She proceeded to be diaperless and dry for the rest of the night. 

Tonight, we try diaperless at bedtime. Wish us (and our sheets) luck! 


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