8 funny things on a summer solstice

1) Darwin calls scones ‘cones’. 

2) Linnea points at everything all the time now. When I get home from work, she sits in my lap and grins and points in my face over and over saying “mama!”

3) Darwin taught Linnea how to say “bam” when she gives high fives, but Linnea says a ‘d’ instead of a ‘b’. 

4) Darwin says Xenopus gilli. And ‘that’s a coniferous tree!” And “that bird is a Robin.” Science parenting success. 

5) Linnea sticks her toes in your face and says “ticku-ticku” and laughs hilariously.

6) Darwin spent about 30 minutes throwing rocks in the river this afternoon. A dog came by and she took off, saying she was “going to go help the doggy in the water!”

7) Linnea puts everything on her head to play peekaboo. Everything. Books, clothes, a small piece of string. She thinks she is so funny. She is right. 

8) Our latest conversation:

“I’m ready to go to my preschool Mom.”

I’m glad you’re excited but they don’t start until August.

“I think it’s time for August, Mom. I’m getting tired of summer vacation, Mom, I’m ready to go back to preschool.”



Apparently she’s been going to preschool for ‘years and years’. Who knew. 


2 thoughts on “8 funny things on a summer solstice

  1. It’s adorable that she’s so eager to go to preschool. She knows she’s going to have an amazing time.

    I love hearing/reading about the cute things toddlers say!


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