11 month miracle

A few days ago, Linnea started going to sleep for me. It actually happened a couple of weeks ago. She was sitting in my lap while I worked and just…fell asleep. Now, at nap time, I pick her up, carry her into the bedroom, turn on the white noise and sing her a short song. I lay her down *awake and not screaming* and she drifts off peacefully in 3 to 10 minutes. 

If Linnea had been our first child, I would absolutely be one of those parents who says ‘sleep training works!’ And by that I mean letting her cry on me while she would fall asleep, for months, rather than giving her back to Leah and having her nurse down. Having done similar things with Darwin, however, I can unequivocally say that children are a product of…themselves. As parents we can work with them, but they are clearly their own people, as shocking as that is to me ever time something like this happens. 

Linnea is clearly better ‘programmed’ for sleep than Darwin was or is. As is evidenced by the sleep chair kid here:

Linnea asleep in a bumbo (carefully supervised on the table)


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