Spring (summer) fever

Thank goodness this title is not in reference to a real fever. We have had enough illness in the past six months to last the next year (although I know better than to think that will change, what with Darwin starting pre-school in the fall). But no, this is in reference to the fact that we are currently sliding, head-first, into the end of the spring term, towards a mini-respite of Leah being home with the girls *full time* this summer. No childcare worries, no stress about getting out of the house with a cranky toddler who just *won’t put her socks on*, no miserable dog who is home alone all day every day. I am so, so excited.

The caveat is, of course, that we have to get through the next 3 weeks. I have an overnight work trip, including a 25 minute presentation on some really neat research I’m doing related to long-term landscape responses to fire and fuel treatments that is sort of almost but not quite ready (my amazing mother is coming along so Darwin can come too, thank goodness, because Leah would have her hands FULL with the two girls who are still needy overnight). Leah has numerous assignments to complete before the end of the term. I’m working Saturdays to make up for the loss of our nanny. Then Thursday I discovered a nest of ants in our coffee maker’s reservoir. Thankfully before I drank the coffee. Leah saved the day by making a coffee run down the street, and I spent much of the day clearing ants and eggs out of our coffee maker. Things are a little hectic right now.

So I am doing what I always do when I get stressed: trying not to pay attention to the hard parts and focus instead on the prize. In this case, actual work time and actual down time. Three weeks. We can do it. 


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