It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by issues like sleep struggles, clinging infants, and potty training, and yet our life is so much fuller and brighter and bigger than these (not inconsequential) hurdles. 

This morning, Darwin stood at the edge of the bed and said “MamaRae, come stand next to the bed and pick me up so you can snuggle me! I love your snuggles!” 

Yesterday I basked in Linnea’s shrieking laughter as she crawled after the big kids in our childcare swap. 

Tonight after I got home late from a church meeting, Darwin was so full of joy to see me. We all wandered into the backyard in the evening light. Linnea ate kale flowers and watched the mourning dove fly through a hawthorn and Oregon ash thicket. Darwin ran around the yard yelling “MamaRae watch this!” After Leah took Linnea in to nurse, Darwin helped me clear some weeds from around our garden boxes. The air is full of spring promises right now. 

In this moment, I’m laying in news next to a sleeping two year old. A quiet lullaby is playing on the sound machine. The wash is filling and spinning in the laundry closet. These are the sounds of home that center me. I am grateful for this moment. 


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