9 (+.5) months

Our sweet little Bee is nine months old! Linnea has now been out longer than in, and is growing into herself faster each day. She crawls, pulls herself onto her knees (and balances like that) with ease. She says ‘mama’, ‘GaGar’ (DarDar), “kaah” (cat), and ‘gog’ (dog). She’ll eat anything you offer her at least once, and rarely refuses things after a first taste. 

Linnea started out none months in a horrid mood that we have been blaming on suspicion of ear infection brought on by a cold. Without a fever, and with an improved attitude, we’re taking a watch and see mentality, since we don’t want to use antibiotics unless there’s a real need and benefit expected. 

Happy baby returned today though. She spent much of the afternoon (I got to work from our friend’s house while she had the kids) crawling after the big kids, shrieking with laughter. She’s into everything now, with a particular affinity for cords and paper, and she’s so fast you wouldn’t believe it!

This month I started doing bedtimes with Linnea, much to her dismay it seems. Some nights involve 45 minutes of inconsolable screaming, and others she’s out in a few minutes. I’m sure there is some difference between nights, but I’ve yet to figure it out. For now I’ll pick up ear plugs! 

Nothing like sitting in the sun. Linnea LOVES to be outside. I think she would live in the backyard if we would let her. 


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