Long bedtimes, angry 9 month olds, and the sweetness of siblings

About a week ago I started doing bedtime with Linnea and some nights Leah would with Darwin. Darwin does not go to sleep before 10. She is currently awake. Or was when I started this. Any advice on magic that moves a kid’s fall asleep time up is welcome (we’ve tried cutting naps – miserable and can’t go on the car after 3, falls asleep in under 2 minutes, moving bedtime up – 7 pm bedtime can lead to a 9:15 sleep time…but not consistently, and letting her choose to go to bed when she gets sleepy – around 9:30 for a 10 pm fall asleep). We swapped in the hopes that by not nursing Linnea to sleep at night, she would start to learn how to fall asleep more easily and we wouldn’t have a repeat of the Darwin bedtime fiasco. The first few nights went pretty well, but last night was 45 minutes of The Scream. 

I  think I blocked out how hard 9 months was with Darwin and am currently having real life flashbacks. Currently the slightest thing will set Linnea into a banshee scream fest that could cause glass to explode. During the day, if she doesn’t get a mama when she wants one, including in the car, she screams. This is not an exaggeration. She screams like someone is murdering her. 

I reminded Leah tonight that it was around this age for Darwin that she turned to me and said she wanted to start trying to get pregnant when Darwin was 11 or 12 months old. She looked like she might throw up. It’s true that she is bearing the brunt of this 9 month old terror (we’re currently hoping secretly that she has an ear infection or something. ANYTHING. That could be a realistic quick fix. I suspect it is developmental though. 

Why, ever, would one want more children? Today this happened.


5 thoughts on “Long bedtimes, angry 9 month olds, and the sweetness of siblings

  1. We use melatonin for a few weeks to reset their sleep cycle when it’s off like that. It’s worked miracles here at my house, bedtime is a 10-15 minute routine and everyone is asleep by 7:30-7:45 every night.

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  2. That’s how they get you. You’re like, whyyyyyy, and then they do the sweetest stuff and you’re like, oh yeah. That’s why. Let’s have ten more! πŸ˜‰

    As for sleep, we try to do the five hour method: nap five hours after they wake up in the morning, bedtime five hours after they wake up from nap. It isn’t a perfect science, but it works to keep them from getting over-tired or being under-tired, if such a thing exists. πŸ™‚ Also, we try to wear them out before dinner, lots of stair climbing or jumping on a trampoline or whatever we can do to tire them, and then they eat, digestion sort of slows them to a sleep, and then it’s off to bed. It’s a guessing game and it stinks, so I hope you guys find something that works soon!

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  3. AndiePants says:

    WHY is sleep so hard? It seems like it should be the easiest, best thing . . .like, why would we have to do any convincing about how amazing sleep is? But our kids . . .ugh . . .they don’t comply!! I hope it’s short lived and everyone is resting soon!

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