Spring finally seems to be poking up, and bringing with it some sun to the Pacific Northwest. It feels a little silly to say this, since crocuses have come and gone and the daffodils are waning. Tulips are already budding and our first asparagus  stem is poking through the soil. Where I grew up, they’re expecting 3 inches of snow tomorrow. I’ve become acclimated I suppose. What I really mean is that the sun is starting to come back. 

Today, I got to play in the yard after work. Darwin helped in the garden by snuggling the worms (oh yes. Like they’re babies) and carrying weeds to the bin. The sweetest moment was when I showed her a patch that she could dig in and she said “oh MamaRae, you know me so well. That’s just my style!” I had to really concentrate not to fall over laughing, it’s just the things that come out of her mouth are so much beyond her years. Little parrot! 

This year I want to spend as much time outside as possible. Darwin sleeps better, plus our yard and house are a wreck from my neglect, beginning the year I was pregnant with Darwin. I’m tired of feeling to tired to take care of my space, and I’m hopeful that the return of the sun will help shift things back into focus for me. 


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