Weekend highlights

1) We went to the aquarium for the first time with the girls and our good friends. The fish, jellyfish, sea pens, sea otters, octopus, sharks, and more were a huge hit. There was much running and yelling and looking and epic joy on the kids’ faces. We even enjoyed (actually ENJOYED) dinner afterwards with three kids under three! A four adult to three kids ratio is pretty decent.

2) Darwin thanked me for washing her clothes for her. She saw that her favorite purple shirt was in the clean clothes this evening and without prompting made my heart explode in pride and love when she said ‘thank you for washing my shirt mama, it’s my most favorite.’

3) I cleaned about 10% of the house while caring for both girls on my own for three hours so Leah could dig herself a few inches out of the grad school work pit. It involved making lunch, a potty accident on a booster chair that was my fault, and about 15 minutes of shape matching video games while I put Linnea down for a nap that lasted about 25 minutes. Overall it was a win.

4) It snowed today, but did not stick.

5) Darwin woke up this morning and I said “I love you” to which she replied “no.” I asked what she meant and she said “I don’t love you. But I love Linnea best.” This shockingly did not hurt because it’s so clear from her actions that she would still like to be able to stitch herself to me so I could never be far away. The sister love here slays me daily. 


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