Sunday morning SOS

I’m trapped under a sleeping 22 lb baby. I can’t move. My right hand is numb. I have to use the bathroom. Phone battery almost dead. Send help. 


Seven months

MamaLee passed me the torch for Linnea’s seven month update (now that she is nearly seven-and-a-half months old…I blame PhD coursework hell), so yay! I get to do a monthly update!

Seven months. I can’t even. This kid is hilarious. She growls constantly, grins like a maniac (and definitely has Leah’s smile – one of the reasons I fell in love with my wife), and she loves food like it’s going out of style.

So a seven for seven list (my favorite kind of update):

  1. Crawling. Officially. On hands and knees. She started scooting backwards at Thanksgiving (yeah, 4.5 months and this kid was already moving!). Slowly but surely she made her way towards a full crawl. Nothing in this house is safe (as I’ve said before). There is still a strong preference for the full-body army crawl, as she is much faster and slick wooden floors don’t slow her down, but she regularly chooses to get up onto her hands a knees when on carpet. I suspect we may also see her walking early.
  2. “Dadadaadada, bababababa, eeeeeeeeee!!” Linnea loves to make noise with her mouth, throat (“rrrawr”), and any toys she can bang together or throw. She is a loud baby and can get the attention of an entire room in record time!
  3. Bounce, bounce baby. She loves to hold hands and bounce like crazy. Pick her up and her feet are moving. This sweet kid never stops moving, except when she’s asleep.
  4. Baby wearing is our (Leah’s) best friend with Linnea. She loves it, and she takes naps that last longer than 30 minutes when she’s being worn. She gets excited when we pull out the wrap, or the Tula. The only time she’s unhappy can typically be solved by a putting her on our backs.
  5. Teeth! We’re up to 3 (.5). Bottom two front teeth came in a couple of months ago, and the top two are nearly through. We’re all hoping her whining ends around the time the teeth come in, and it’s hopeful primarily because a dose of infant ibuprofen tonight brought back our happy-go-lucky little girl tonight! We’re stocking up and putting the teethers in the freezer for the next year and a half (ish).
  6. Clothes. We’re on to 18 month clothing.
  7. Big sister Darwin is little sister Linnea’s FAVORITE ANYTHING EVER. Any time Darwin smiles at, talks to, walks past, take a toy away from, gives a toy to….you get the idea, Linnea lights up like a Solstice tree. This kid just adores her big sister.

Little thingsĀ 

I find myself forgetting a lot of the little things that I used to write in my monthly updates, so I thought I’d jot down a few tonight while Darwin is falling asleep. 

Darwin’s current favorite activity has to be gymnastics, or anything to do with hopping, running, or tumbling. She runs with her little friends. She is forging new friendships through chase games that are really just running running running together. I love seeing her use her body so confidently. 

Linnea is in a hurry to be able to keep up and began crawling last week. Considering that she started moving backwards at 4.5 months, this is not terribly surprising to me. Nothing in our house is safe, including big sister’s toys.

Darwin loves her sister, but the level of adoration that shines from Linnea’s face the second she catches sight or sound of her sister is just awesome. In the mornings, Linnea often wakes Leah up before Darwin wakes me up, so Darwin says “where’s baby Winnea and MamaLee?” First thing almost every morning. And Linnea bounces and grins and shrieks when she sees her sister is awake. These siblings are delightful. 
On the less pleasant side of things, Darwin has had some epic tantrums this week, mostly sleep related. A 45 minute screaming yelling crying episode on Wednesday night, in which nothing worked to help her calm down and she finally just raged out and fell asleep nursing. An hour in the middle of the night crying and telling and kicking me (mostly crying and yelling after I removed her to the living room so she wouldn’t wake Leah and Linnea again). Then today she napped for nearly three hours (she has done this fewer than 5 times in her life) and woke up happy. I’m hopeful that more care in making sleep a priority will help her with the ability to control her emotional state just a little bit more. 

Other tidbits…

Darwin can count now, rather than just listing numbers, and regularly identifies how many of a given thing are present. She hugs her friends happily, whereas she almost always used to say no. When she likes a suggestion she says ‘yes, that’s a grand idea. I think so.’ 

Linnea is still better at sleeping than her sister, although teething has given us a run for our money (up to three this week! 21 more to go…). She has taken to growling very persistently at…everything. broccoli is at the top of her favorite food list.