A new year

Well, personally, 2017 has started out just fine. The girls are both healthy and (mostly) happy. The adults are feeling the strain of caring for two small children, a PhD program, full time work, a house, four cats, and a dog, but really, overall we’re doing just fine. Politically, I can’t decide if I want to scream, vomit, or burn it all down (figuratively, not with real, burning fire). Our second parent adoptions went through on Friday and Tuesday (the fact that they went through on different days will be the subject of another post), which is a relief and also an infuriating reminder of how much power the government has over our family.

But the broader question is this: what are we going to do with this fresh new year? I don’t make resolutions, but I do step back and take stock. Think about what worked and what didn’t. What is it that I want to do moving forward as a parent, as a spouse, as a human and a citizen?


That’s a darn big concept. Overall, I think we’re kind of killing it at parenting. Except at bedtime. And keeping my cool when one of the kids does something that physically hurts me. And meal time. And putting down the damn phones. Okay, so there’s some room to think about changes there.


Bedtime has been an off-and-on again epic battle with Darwin since she was about 7-8 months old. I have not had consistent evenings since then, meaning, often she goes to sleep around 10 pm, the same time I would like to, but often this would force me to stay up working until 12 or even 1 am. We have no choice but to be out of the house by 7:20 three days a week now, so a 10 pm sleep-time is a super no-go. So wind-down is extending. I’ve started reading books for 30-40 minutes before bedtime the last two nights (last night was a late start due to pizza night out after the adoptions came through, but I’m nipping that in the bud now). Darwin was asleep before 9 the first try, and I think close to 9 the second, although I fell asleep too (beer and pizza = sleep). I won’t do any kind of cry it out method with her. I’ve let her fuss and yell and cry in her pack’n’play when I have absolutely no choice about getting work done, but she just doesn’t settle under those circumstances (not blaming her on this one, neither would I…). So, a tighter routine and to sleep every night in her “big girl” bed on the floor next to our bed. Even if it means mama gets into the little bed with her sometimes.

Chilling out

This one is hard because, let’s face it, most of us parents of young children aren’t getting enough sleep, don’t get enough “down time” when we are awake unless it’s eating up our sleep, and are drinking way too much caffein. All these issues lead to me being on edge more than I’m used to, which leads to me snapping more easily. And nothing makes me snap like getting hurt by someone else, even my two year old who just dropped another book on my foot. I’m better (I think) than I used to be about my temper. This is starting to be somewhat toddler-regulated. My reason for recognizing the need to chill out was a little voice saying “mama, please don’t yell.” Yeah. That ripped my heart out. So I’m working on counting to ten; patiently explaining to Darwin that my exclamation of “FUCK!” was because something hurt, but that I’m okay and that it’s okay that it upset her but that I wasn’t angry at her; and trying to suppress the initial rage at being hurt in the first place.

Meal time

No more fighting for each bite of food. I’m working on the “parent’s job is to provide food, kid’s job is to eat it.” Always offer something we know she likes (that isn’t cheese or bread…), and something new. Hopefully we’ll be able to write a new page there.


I hate smartphones. I love smartphones. I avoided them for years because I knew they would be a weakness. Currently researching ways to drop the smartphone. Or at least use it drastically less.


Before we had kids, we talked about how we had a lot of relationship equity banked. Well, that’s pretty much gone now. My focus is toddler + work + house + as much support as I have left for the littlest little. Notice that the only way “spouse” falls in there is through “support with the littlest little.” We’re in this place right now where all the kind things we do for each other involve taking over with the kids to give the other partner some quiet time/time to work. I’m not sure how to change this, or if it can change right now. We have the gift of a date from my parents to look forward to. Depending on how it goes, we may try to extend that to a once-a-month night together.

It’s hard though, being away from the kids for so much of the weekday, then being away again when we don’t technically have to be away. Recognizing the importance of filling up the cup though, it may be time to make the time.


Even though sometimes I (we all?) feel like all we are is parents, we are our own people too. There are things I need and want to do to interact more with the world I’m in beyond my work and my daily to-do list.

In the earth

This year, I’m focusing on the garden and land that we own (our little .15 acres of paradise). We have garden beds that need to be fenced from the deer in the front and the dog in the back who eats tomatoes and strawberries like they’re going out of style. I want to do starts this year, as I’ve missed out the last two years. Darwin will enjoy this as much as I do, I think! So. I’ve ordered seed catalogues and my next step is to do our taxes so I can find out if we can afford fencing materials this spring, or if I’m pounding stakes and putting up fishing line again (surprisingly effective, a total PAIN in the butt). Sometimes I look at where our money went at this point in the year and feel mildly bitter towards my past self for not saving for a fence. I shake my fist at you past self.

In the community

We live in a small city (town really) built by logging and still dependent on it for a significant part of our tax base. We have a mill in town (two, though as the supply of cedar drops, one will cease to function), a sort yard behind our house, and a timber company that maintains their base of operations in town limits. I love our town, but have separated myself in many ways, because of 1) life and 2) fear of stereotypes about small towns. Another blogger once wrote about saying “yes” to their kids. This year I’m saying it to my town. I’ve looked at our city meeting schedule and am planning to start going to city council meetings that happen on the second Monday evening of the month. I may bring Darwin. I have yet to decide. If my wife reads this post before I mention it to her, I will absolutely bring Darwin…

We use the library and the city parks already. The other big events, as in most small, rural-ish towns, are the high school sports games. Well, our football team screwed up this year and I think they may not have even had games. But perhaps I’ll look at the basketball schedule for the rest of the season. And there’s always baseball in the spring. Time to show up a little bit more.


Like I said, I don’t make resolutions. If I can manage to follow through on two or three of these plans and hopes, I’ll be pleased. Perhaps a mindset change will mean I’m capable of more. At least this year I wrote it down and thought about it, and have concrete ideas that will help me move forward when I get glued down.


5 thoughts on “A new year

  1. Oooh fun goals! Nichol’s Seeds is on the road near the highway in Albany, we go every year to pick out new fun things! The lady is super helpful and pleasantly curmudgeonly (you can tell she’s supposed to work with plants).

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  2. I want to quit the smartphone too! Except for maps. Can I get a flip phone with maps, haha? My best attemtps include eliminating social media from the phone. But I can still find 1000 things to read on a browser, so it’s not really that effective. I’ve considered leaving my phone plugged in near the door while I’m home so I’m not tempted to flip it open and browse.

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