Colors and numbers

Milestones are few and far between in the third year, especially when I think about all the things that Linnea has learned just in the last week. The cool thing about a lot of the things a 2 year old is learning though, is that they’re more aware of the process. They’re proud in ways that infants can’t be: verbally. 

Since her birthday, Darwin has been working hard on her colors and numbers. It’s all either a fun game, like counting fingers at bedtime,  or because she wants to communicate the correct object she’s requesting (“the red shirt mama”). Either way, she now knows red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, black, and (sometimes) orange. Apparently my worry that she might be colorblind was unfounded. She can count to five popping one finger up at a time. It’s no longer merely a sequence of words, but one of her first real mathematical concepts!

The first year is so incredible. Watching a tiny, completely helpless potato gain reasonable control over their body and even rudimentary language skills. It’s wild. The second year is so much about the kid mastering the basics of things that allow self-care at the most basic level: walking/running, eating, talking enough to communicate needs and wants. Year three though. Wow. This is the explosion year I guess. Going from simple to complex language. Taking and  giving directions. Reciting whole books. Singing entire songs somewhat in key. Discovering and communicating ‘favorites’ and ‘I don’t likes’ and ‘I love yous’ and ‘I’m so lucky to have two mamas’. Be still my heart. 

Darwin remembers her friends, even when they’ve been apart for a month or more. She anticipates things. She will wake up in the morning ready for the events we discussed the night before. 

I guess basically what I’m saying is this: my baby is becoming a complex, thinking, individual person. And it’s deeply humbling. 


7 thoughts on “Colors and numbers

  1. I think what made it all really stand out to me was at the church for the carol singalong on Tuesday night, and Darwin kept running around looking for her buddies that she usually sees on Sunday mornings, saying “But where are my friends? They disappeared!”

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  2. I know what you mean. Roo is 28 months now and an independent little person. It’s a wonderful age. I love watching her make connections and work out how the world functions. Darwin and Roo sound very similar, it’s a pity that we’re on the other side of the world.

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    • It’s so much fun! But like I used to tell folks when Darwin was little – there are hard things, and the hard things change and morph just when you think you can’t stand it one more minute – but there are also amazing things. Every stage is so cool in it’s own way!

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  3. This is so fun! I can only imagine how fun it is at home with the two of them. nd so interesting to be doing it all over again I bet. We didn’t have Mary from when she was little, so when the boys came, there wasn’t anything to compare to, and with Austin SO INCREDIBLY close, we didn’t get a chance to remember the helplessness of infancy. But with them urning two in two weeks, I’ve already started to see the way the cogs move in their brain, and I’m looking forward to where you are…with the actually “processing” part happening. Sounds super fun…and hey! Love to you guys during the holidays and sending so, so, so much love to you all. The biggest and warmest of hugs friend… ❤

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    • Y’all are getting closer with the boys! This is such a fun time – I’m so excited for you. It’s going to be fascinating to see Austin develop just behind his brothers – I’ll be he’ll end up doing things sooner than is typical just to keep up!! Mary is one lucky big sister to have a little team to play with as they get older too. I know Darwin adores the big kids in her life ❤
      Love to you all as well – all the New Years blessings to you and the family and know I've been sending lots of good thoughts and hope your way for your new and expanding horizons!

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