Bedtime discussions

Darwin is not one to go to sleep easily, particularly when she is not feeling well, which appears to be from about October on every year. The last three nights she has not given up the ghost until after 10 pm. It’s times like these that bedtime ends up being pushed back a little bit, because my poor patient self just loses it after 2 hours of “bed time” with an awake kid.

One of the things that does help her finally wind down and fall asleep is processing her day out loud. She’ll talk about who she saw, what toys she enjoyed the most, and the books she read. Tonight I was settled in reading and waiting for her to fall asleep when it happened. “Something terrible is about to happen.” Over and over. “My children, my children!” Over and over. In a dark room. From the mouth of a two year old. SO FREAKING CREEPY. Of course, almost immediately I realized she was processing something from her day (or I hoped…), so I sent out a query to MamaLee and our childcare swapper friends and asked if they knew what it was from. After about five minutes, MamaLee to the rescue: it was from a new favorite library book titled Frog Girl. It’s a great book, Darwin adores it, and apparently she’s going to be reciting the creepiest part of it for the foreseeable future!

Anyone else have good creepy toddler stories?


2 thoughts on “Bedtime discussions

  1. AmyApplesnail says:

    Ahhh! That is terrifying… Good for you for getting to the bottom of it and not just assuming your child was getting some creepy messages from beyond the grave… Haha tis the season for a good creep out


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