Sleep and other differences 

It’s been very clear from the first moment that Linnea emerged that she is a different child from her big sister. Of  course this is true, as it is true with all siblings. I know some schools of thought are not to compare kids, but I am a scientist and I love learning how things work and how things work differently. Here are some of my observations about differences so far. 

Sleep. This is the largest difference that impacts a significant part of our lives. Linnea sleeps like Darwin never has. I think in the first year Darwin slept for more than 4 hours in a row perhaps 6 times. Linnea does every night. On the other hand, Darwin regularly would nap during the day and Linnea is more hit or miss, sometimes getting by on 20 or 30 minutes three times a day. Neither option is awesome but I’d take the night sleeping any time. 

Physical milestones. Darwin didn’t miss any milestones when it came to things like holding up her head or grabbing things, crawling or walking, but she was always on the later end of the normal range and never seemed suuuuper worried about figuring anything out (until she decided she wanted to learn how to hop). Linnea, on the other hand, rolled over just past 3 months old (not counting the times on the bed around 5 weeks old). She is eager to be able to crawl, and began to scoot in a circle last week. 

Tummy time vs back time. Darwin hated. HATED. Tummy time. She would hang out on her back for short periods but any tummy time was on us, not on the floor, until she was several months old. Linnea, on the other hand, loves tummy time and is increasingly annoyed when we put her on her back. 

Constant contact. This one may not be fair, since I’m pretty sure we were never out of Darwin’s sight during her infancy, but Linnea has instant positive, enthusiastic reactions to our arrival within her line of sight, even if she’s reached a high pitched wail before we get there. I don’t remember that with Darwin at the same level. 

I think we have an introvert and am extrovert in the making. Either way, one of the best similarities between the two is how much they appear to love their sister. 


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