Things fall apart

Entropy took us all down a notch last week when our morning nanny share fell to pieces about three weeks in. Sparing the details, we let the nanny go this weekend and sorted out a revised childcare schedule and all is well now. But last week was hard. By Friday I was ready to (and did) spend most of the day at home, working when Darwin and Linnea were chill, and trying not to get sick. 

Childcare outside of a facility is hard. The idea of paying more than our mortgage for childcare makes me green though. Not to mention being away from Darwin for 9 hours at a time. I still see her mid day at some point even on the days when I’m not on for care. So we work it out and patch things together and draw on our community and suffer through on weeks when we have to deal with illness and exhaustion. 

Last night we drove to help my mother transport stuff for a pottery show (she’s a potter for anyone who’s looking for stunning ceramics) and I got to just play with and focus on Darwin for two hours. No other kids, no pets, no work, and no chores. I love this kid so big. 


4 thoughts on “Things fall apart

    • Thanks! It was a rough week. My schedule is usually/has always been the most flexible, so I always end up losing out on work hours more than anyone else and making them up at night, but our new schedule provides me with more stable work time, thank goodness! Figuring out how to make childcare and work happen is so hard, as you well know. Ick.


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