Six weeks

Today the Bee turned six weeks old. Her MamaLee is doing regular monthly updates, but I thought I’d throw one in here and there too. The best part about the first 6 weeks is definitely watching your child “wake-up” to the world. I remember thinking that over and over again with Darwin, although big sister was always very alert for her age (maybe this explains the still-awake child at 9:15 pm as I write this from the bed next to her…). With Linnea I think it’s a more pronounced change. She makes eye contact in long stretches now. She has begun to make little cooing noises. She tracks us as we move, as long as we’re close to her.20160811_201332-COLLAGE

Here she is, being cute for the world. So far her eyes remain mostly blue, but I see a hint of hazel every once in a while. We shall see! She has a 50% chance of brown, 25% of blue, and 25% of hazel/green, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Things that I have learned are not true for all infants: not all infants hate having things put on over their heads; not all infants regularly pee through a disposable diaper at night; not all infants have to be bounced incessantly to get to sleep at night; not all infants melt into little limp balls when swaddled…


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