Friend-filled Sundays

Today was a flurry of fun visitors, punctuated by an absolute, 100% nap strike. This morning our friends over at Pot and Lid came up and brought with them a funfetti dinosaur cake (Leah has been talking about this for weeks), delicious food, and probably the cutest onesie I’ve seen to date:

Darwin had fun playing with her buddy, we had fun conversing with friends, and there was cake. All-in-all an awesome morning. 

Then Darwin spent the following two hours refusing to nap. I finally pulled out the pack’n’play and went to pick apples in the backyard, in the hopes that Darwin would be more amenable to sleep after I’d taken a breather. She was not. Leah tried, and failed. After two hours we called it and went on with the day, one beer heavier. 

My dad came over and helped collect apples, mowed our backyard, played with the babies, and helped out in the yard for a bit. Darwin adores her Opa, and I can only imagine Linnea will be similarly smitten. I know the feeling is mutual. 

After a short break our friends we share care with brought over pizza (and a cinnamon wheel, omg yum), and got to meet Linnea for the first time. Darwin got extra time with her friends outside of our normal weekly routine and we got more friend visiting time too. It was awesome. 

I love sharing our family with people I love. We are so lucky to belong to this community. 

Finally, bedtime. On the plus sides, Darwin was asleep by 8. And she used the potty. And she kissed her sister goodnight. 


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