Humpty-Dumpty and other rhymes

When Darwin was a tiny infant, we used to sing everything to her. Whatever we were doing would be explained or narrated in song. And now, everything we’re doing is narrated in song, but we’re not the ones doing the singing anymore.

Darwin sings Twinkle-twinkle (with a variety of replacements for the actual words, depending on her mood), Mary had a Little Lamb, the ABCs, several less savory dance music lyrics, and a host of songs that we made up. She recites nursery rhymes and is currently stuck on a constant loop of Humpty-Dumpty, which she has also provided as the name for all small doll-and-doll-like-objects. She can “read” most of the books that we’ve opened more than once, and those we haven’t, or are in foreign languages? She just sits down and jabbers away incomprehensibly.

I remember when I was in high school and had the joy and luck to spend two afternoons a week with a little dude who actually just graduated from high school himself. He would also “read” entire story books. I was amazed. When he was two, he could identify over 20 species of birds by their songs alone. This was the beginning of my appreciation for the true brilliance of the human brain during the first five years of life. It is really quite remarkable.


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