When I woke up this morning, precisely at 12:05 am, to the insistent whine of “I want nurses right now” (not very charming, you’ll agree I’m sure), I was shocked to realize that we are already beginning the month of June. This is the month that will likely (if L’s sisters’ gestation length is anything to go by – and it is on average) gain a birthday in our family. It is also the last month that the building in which I earned my master’s degree will be standing – to be replaced with a newer, fancier, more eco-friendly structure. It will be bittersweet. It will be a long 1.5-2 years of being in a temporary, displaced space. The old building has a lot of maintenance issues, backlogged for years. I will no longer have my own quiet little office tucked away in the basement. But there is a window in my new office, which I will share with three other people. My first shared office since I was a student. Change is coming.

June makes me think of one of my favorite music albums – The King is Dead, by The Decemberists. One of my all-time favorite songs – June Hymn – is on it. I first heard it on a flight from Ireland, leaving my best friend and her almost-two year old son after 10 wonderful days. I was deliriously tired and listened to the sound track on repeat for the entire flight across country while I dozed and watched the sun set on the horizon. As I listen I can’t help but think of all the things that have changed since then. So much change has happened in my life in the last two years.

My father loves being a dad. It’s incredibly evident in all his interactions with me and my brother, and now our children. He wrote an account of my birth from his perspective, and while it was a little bit about my actual birth, it was mostly about spending time with my brother, who is three years older, in Madison. Spending the day in the city, walking along Lake Mendota. Recently he has said more than once “this one will be different.” No advice, really, just a reminder of his experience with me and my brother (my brother was a good kid, I was a difficult kid). Change is coming and it’s going to be such a different change than the last big change.

Friday is 36 weeks. The waiting begins. So much change is coming. June is here.


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