20 months

Yesterday was the 20 month mark for this kid. I can’t help but think back 12 months ago to this time, with an 8 month old, a wife just out of shoulder surgery, a sister-in-law coming for a visit to meet her niece for the first time. Looking back, I remember just doing what needed to be done to keep things going. That’s what we do sometimes, isn’t it? Darwin was so cute at 8 months. I like 20 months even better.

Darwin has tended to be later on her gross motor milestones than her verbal and fine motor skills. Rolling, crawling, walking. She took her sweet time. Hopping, however, is a different story. She LOVES hopping. She practices hopping several times a day. At this point, she actually has the ability, inconsistent as it may be, to get both feet off the ground when she hops. I attribute this to her obsession with rabbits (rabbips), and the fact that we have made her stuffed animal rabbits hop since she was tiny. That, and her obsession with big kids, and the fact that they can hop.

Other fun things at 20 months include a new-found snuggli-ness, fun with books and toys to the point where I can’t remember the last time we took a 20 minute television “zone out”, more fun with singing, an absolute obsession with the pool and swimming (she will now actually go under the water and not cling to me saying “NO NO NO!”), climbing into her wagon/kitchen helper/chairs/couches/anything that she can swing her leg up on, nursing so much that I’ve actually started limiting this kid who a year ago wouldn’t nurse in public, and putting together all the buckle clips she can find before yelling “hep mama!” for us to unclip them so she can clip them again.

Happy 20 months kiddo, I suspect one more update before I have to start doing two!!


Her cuteness at 8 months old!


Triangle! Darwin loves sorting shapes. 



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