20 months

Yesterday was the 20 month mark for this kid. I can’t help but think back 12 months ago to this time, with an 8 month old, a wife just out of shoulder surgery, a sister-in-law coming for a visit to meet her niece for the first time. Looking back, I remember just doing what needed to be done to keep things going. That’s what we do sometimes, isn’t it? Darwin was so cute at 8 months. I like 20 months even better.

Darwin has tended to be later on her gross motor milestones than her verbal and fine motor skills. Rolling, crawling, walking. She took her sweet time. Hopping, however, is a different story. She LOVES hopping. She practices hopping several times a day. At this point, she actually has the ability, inconsistent as it may be, to get both feet off the ground when she hops. I attribute this to her obsession with rabbits (rabbips), and the fact that we have made her stuffed animal rabbits hop since she was tiny. That, and her obsession with big kids, and the fact that they can hop.

Other fun things at 20 months include a new-found snuggli-ness, fun with books and toys to the point where I can’t remember the last time we took a 20 minute television “zone out”, more fun with singing, an absolute obsession with the pool and swimming (she will now actually go under the water and not cling to me saying “NO NO NO!”), climbing into her wagon/kitchen helper/chairs/couches/anything that she can swing her leg up on, nursing so much that I’ve actually started limiting this kid who a year ago wouldn’t nurse in public, and putting together all the buckle clips she can find before yelling “hep mama!” for us to unclip them so she can clip them again.

Happy 20 months kiddo, I suspect one more update before I have to start doing two!!


Her cuteness at 8 months old!


Triangle! Darwin loves sorting shapes. 



32 Weeks


32 week question:

Favorite and least favorite part of the 2nd trimester:

Second trimester was pretty easy overall. I didn’t feel a huge increase in energy that some people talk about, but it was nice to not feel so sick and generally icky. My least favorite part was the raging heartburn, which I hadn’t really expected until third trimester (and which, surprisingly, has actually gone away as I move into the third trimester). I was unable to eat a lot of my favorite things, including coffee (and that was with an 8 am stats class, so that was brutal) and other really random things like Grape nuts cereal.

When is baby most active? For a long time baby was most active in the early morning, between 5 – 6:30 am or so. Then it was less predictable and just kind of whenever I was sitting still enough to feel it. Now it’s pretty much allll the time. I think she’s getting big enough that most of her movements bring her into contact with the uterine wall so I’m feeling a LOT. Big movements happen when I’m sitting or laying down, but unless I’m walking or dancing, I’m pretty much always feeling some sort of fluttery bumps.

What baby preparations are you most excited about?

In terms of baby preparations, I think I’m mostly feeling frustrated that I don’t have more time to spend on getting the house ready and really nesting. I wish I had the ability to have taken this term off to get ready and really focus on baby and home– not that I’m not still loving being in school, but I’m losing focus on academics and wishing for more dedicated prep time. With that said, I am excited about getting some large pieces of furniture out of the house so that we’ll be able to rearrange the house both to make room for more baby stuff and to make sure Darwin can feel like she has her own space as well. Other than that, I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for labor. I have been less and less active so I’m feeling slightly anxious about being physically prepared, but I’m feeling very positive about labor. Baby is in the optimal position already– with any luck she’ll stay there– so I’m really just trying to stay positive and focused on making sure what little exercise I’m getting is supportive of optimal fetal positioning and all that. Pretty soon we’ll have to start gathering things for the birth (towels, almond oil, mattress protector, etc) and that’s an exciting thought, but I’m also not really even there yet. It’s like I don’t have the mental bandwidth to think about school AND teaching AND getting the house in order AND getting ready for the actual birth, so it’s triage right now. Get through what needs to be done first, and hope we don’t run out of time.

Is there anything you want to do before the baby comes that will be more difficult with two?

I assume everything is going to be harder with two, but as I mentioned above, I don’t feel like I have the time to get everything done before the birth as it is, since I’ll be 37 weeks by the end of finals week, so I’m not really even letting myself think about all the things I wish I could do. I want to take Darwin to the coast and to the aquarium, I want to soak up all the time with her that I can because I know I’m going to miss our special Darwin-MamaLee time so much, but I feel so overwhelmed by all the things I have to get done in the next 5 to 10 weeks that I just can’t let myself go there too often without it making me really sad– and my emotions are such that it takes very little to make me cry these days so I’m just going to stop there.

About the baby:

Size: 3.8 lbs (THAT’S ALMOST 4 POUNDS!), 16.7 inches long.

Fun fact: If the Bee were born today, she would almost certainly be healthy and ready to grow!

From the other mama: The third trimester has been the most fun for me so far. The Bee bump is big enough that I can regularly feel kicks, and the countdown (6-10 weeks!!!) is making it feel super real. I also love how much Darwin is engaged in this pregnancy. She regularly will spontaneously hug and kiss Leah’s belly, say “I love you sister”, and grins when the Bee gives kicks that she can feel. It helps me feel like this close spacing will be a good thing!