Three in a row

Yesterday afternoon I nursed Darwin at nap time but she fought against falling asleep. It was a swap day (I have the kiddos in the morning and hypothetically get to work all afternoon), so I really needed to get her to nap. No go. She was so awake that I finally packed her up and took her home, where I broke down the co-sleeper into a pack’n’play, put her in it, and walked away. She was actually fine for about ten minutes. I let her fuss and then cry for about five minutes before going in and patting her butt to calm her down (ever since she was bitty…). Once calm, I laid down on the bed next to her pack’n’play and she chatted to herself, spun around, bounced, sat up, then laid down and fell asleep. On her own. Last night, same thing. Nursed, into the pack’n’play, 15-20 minutes and she put herself to sleep with no fuss!

Come to this afternoon. Another swap day. Darwin nursed. Then she laid on the couch where she naps at our friend’s house and put herself to sleep in a well-lit room, watching me. I am one proud mama. That’s three sleeps in a row that were unassisted!


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