18 Months

As of last Thursday, Darwin is 18 months old. A year and a half. 548.5 days (the extra day due to leap year). Two years ago I was about three months pregnant and celebrating hearing a clear and strong heartbeat (for record keeping, that was on 3/3/14). This year we are celebrating a strong, smart, joyful, capable, communicative toddler.

I waited till today (okay, now it’s yesterday), the 14th of March (also known as pi day!), to write this post, because it coincides with the 18 month appointment that we set up so long ago (when did 3 months go so fast??). Measurements and vaccinations, and now, the biggest holy shit moment- the next time we see the pediatrician, barring illness or accident, will be with TWO kids. Darwin has graduated to 6 month visits just in time for little sibling to bump us back to 8 week visits.

The vital statistics

Weight: 25 lbs

Height: 32.5 inches

Head circumference: 19.09 inches (big head baby!)

I’ve found that I love going back to see when Darwin did the funny, sweet, difficult, and silly things that she has done each month. It passes so quickly that I forget. So, what do I want to remember about 18 months?

  1. Darwin loves to sing. She sings in the car with her Little White Duck album. She sings in her co-sleeper while she’s falling asleep for nap and nighttime. She asks us to sing specific songs. Specific to the point where if you sing the alphabet song in English and she wants it in French, well, in her words “no-no!”
  2. Peek-a-boo finally involves covering her eyes, and she does it enthusiastically. She plays Peek on the changing table. In the car. Over the edge of the co-sleeper. The bed. She plays it with us, with the animals. She is an expert-level peek-a-booer.
  3. Sentences are no longer unusual or novel. Some of the more common ones include “I don’t like it”, “Cheese please”, “I want that”, and “I don’t want to/I want to”. The last in a very whiny tone that we’re working on moderating…
  4. Eating with a spoon now involves actually getting food into her mouth most of the time. Darwin is a messy eater, there’s no denying that. Especially when you hold up her buddy N for comparison, who is a very tidy eater, and will stop eating if things get to messy and wait for a clean up. Darwin has no such compunction. Favorite foods include yogurt with cinnamon, rice cereal with cinnamon, blueberries, a squash and banana food pouch, Chex, beans, and most favored – cheddar cheese.
  5. Movement-wise, Darwin has graduated to running. She is still reticent to climb on things, and has had a little bit of a backslide in being willing to slide backwards off the bed, asking “help, help” instead.
  6. Going outside. Outside is the most coveted place at all times. It does not matter if it is pouring buckets, she must be OUTside. She shrieks with joy when we tell her we’re going outside. We must be careful to prepare her for a “car ride, not outside to play” if we’re going somewhere.
  7. Bubbles! Bubbles all the time. Darwin requests them any time she sees the bottles. She also has figured out where the bottles are at the grocery story (eye level for a toddler. jerks) and requests them there as well.
  8. Belly kisses for little sib. Darwin will kiss her MamaLee’s belly now. She clearly doesn’t fully comprehend the existence of the little Bee, but is beginning to get the idea as the belly grows.
  9. “Pizza!” Any time we ask Darwin what she wants for dinner, the answer is pizza. We have pizza every Tuesday night with our friends, and it has become almost a joke to ask Darwin throughout the day on Tuesday: “what’s for dinner?” She gets so excited.
  10. Visiting her grandparents. Monday mornings are for grandma and Darwin to spend time together (and Mamas to get some work done). When I ask Darwin if she wants to spend the morning with her grandma, she practically bounces out of her shoes.
  11. The family we swap with. Last night Darwin was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, and was singing a song that was simply the names of each member of the family in a loop. I feel so lucky to have people in our lives that my kid loves so much. And that I get to be a part of their lives too.
  12. Pulling the wagon. Darwin has a little red wagon. Sometimes she rides in it. Mostly she wants to pull it. It’s full size.
  13. Dancing is AWESOME. Darwin loves to dance to music. She now bops back and forth and sometimes sways her cloth diaper butt back and forth. It slays me.
  14. Jackets, and mittens, and hats, and shoes, and socks. Basically any accessory is the best thing ever. It is officially time to order her the first Red Sox ball cap in her size. She keeps swiping mine, and it’s so cute I’ve been putting it off, but she needs one now.
  15. CHEEEEEESE. Particularly “cheddah.” Clearly she is our kid, because if she could sustain herself on cheddar cheese alone, she would, happily.
  16. Darwin has two stuffed bunnies, one from one of Leah’s uncles, and one from one of her aunts. Darwin loves to make them hop. If she has one, she immediately looks for the other, or demands we find it if they have been separated. Tonight she asked for them at bed time. Leah is doing bedtime now. It is glorious. Last night I did an hour worth of chores while she waited for Darwin to fall asleep. Effing DST.
  17. Running up to people she knows is just adorable. Who doesn’t love an 18 month old throwing herself at them with a great big grin and outstretched arms?
  18. “I love you.” My favorite. In response, spontaneously, to her lovies, in the bath, in the car, walking down the sidewalk. This kid has a lot of love to go around.
  19. And one to grow on…we attend a UU church. It’s a great community. The religious exploration program is great for all ages, and Darwin goes to the infant/toddler room for care for almost two hours while I get to work as a youth adviser. She has attached herself to one of the caregivers, and just adores her. The other day, Darwin actually fell asleep in her lap. And stayed there for 45 minutes. I finally picked her up so that the poor woman could get some feeling back in her feet and arms! The trust Darwin has in the world makes me know we’ve done something right.



Smiling the day after turning 18 months


10 thoughts on “18 Months

    • Honestly, we didn’t do much! She just really likes being outside and we go with it. I think little kids have an innate joy for being out in the world and we quash it if we don’t feed it, but it starts out strong. Just wanting to cultivate it and doing it I suspect will fulfill your hopes!

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