22 weeks

How is it that, by any measure, we are now more than half-way through this pregnancy?? Probably because I dropped the ball on weekly updates…so…

22 week question:

Highlight of the last 4 weeks: The ultrasound! Seeing our little bumble bee was thrilling. As of (exactly) 20 weeks, all looks good, and we’re only getting more excited!

When is the baby most active? Baby is most active at night/early morning and when I’m in class. Presumably this is because it’s when I’m most still. It can be weird and distracting especially when I’m in bed, but gives me something pleasant to focus on during statistics. On the flip side, she’s least active whenever you (Rachel) try to feel her kick. Regardless of what she’s been doing immediately prior.

Favorite foods: Favorite foods are bacon and cheerios. I seem to have let up on my milk obsession since starting the cal/mag supplementation but I’m still having some every day in my tea (no more coffee, thank you heartburn) and at least one bowl of cereal a day. The bacon thing started a couple of weeks ago, around the 20 week mark (remember, I was a lifelong vegetarian before this) and I’ve had bacon 3-5 times a week ever since. I’ve been pretty unimpressed with protein again lately, so it’s good that at least there’s one source that still sounds good!

Any updates on the blood sugar issue? I’m not testing my blood sugar regularly anymore, though I’ll do that again at 28 weeks. For now I’m spot checking when I’ve either gone a little overboard with sugar and want to make sure my body is handling it, or if I’m feeling low and want to check in. So far I’ve remained in normal limits (around 90 before meals and under 130 an hour after eating). So far I haven’t had a single reading over 130, even on days I’ve had donuts or binged in girl scout cookies! So I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Goals by the time the baby arrives: In terms of goals for before baby arrives, most of mine have to do with making it through spring term. I’m registered for 3 classes (1 more than I would usually take) but am pretty excited about 2 of them and the third I’m hoping won’t be too demanding. But I’m also hoping/intending to continue avoiding gestational diabetes, submit my IRB for my research project, and figure out the sleeping situation for the time when there are 4 of us sharing a room. A friend is moving to Puerto Rico in the sputtering and has offered us her king size bed so I’m hopeful that that works out, but trying to keep my eyes open for other possibilities in case it falls through. We also have some work to so in the nursery to help it accommodate 2 little ones! I’m hoping to avoid having to buy a new dresser (much less fit it in the room) so that means finding storage for diapers and a second (albeit tiny) wardrobe. I’m also hoping to have several freezer dinners made and ready by the time the bee shows up, but I’m not going to start on that just yet since it’s still kind of far out.

About the baby:

Size: 10.9 inches (measuring foot to crown now!), and 15.2 ounces! Also known as the size of a papaya…

From the other mama: The last month has gone very fast. Seeing the little bee on the ultrasound was so exciting (and for me and my anxious self, relieving). I’ve also secured a job for the foreseeable future, and I’ll update on that separately soon. Another big relief!


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