17 months

Here we are again with a late monthly update! This is a small, random conglomeration of what’s going on in the life of the Bugaboo. I’ll do a bigger update at some point when I’m writing on something with a real keyboard.

The good:
All the talking ever. And singing. I’m no longer listing her words, they’re now beyond my desire to count (I got to 127 last week and decided we’re good). The singing though, pretty much melts me. So far we have figured out that she sings parts of Baa baa black sheep, twinkle twinkle, and the ABCs (same tune, different words), as well as a kids song about cars to the tune of Frere Jaques. Sometimes she dances while singing.
Our newest addition to the routine of our days is a nightly walk. Darwin often insists on it,even if it’s pouring down buckets of freezing water, so we’ve tried to adjust our lazy habits to meet her needs. I’ve ended up very much enjoying it and even insisting upon it myself when I’m feeling overwhelmedby the transition from work to home. Of course, any time the sun is shining we also run out the door as fast as possible!


A morning walk in the sunshine

She has started rocking baby dolls and stuffed animals. She’ll sway back and forth saying ‘rockaby’, and then throw the toy on the floor. Ha. Super sweet, super 17 months.

The ‘bad’:
Seventeen months has brought with it many, many things, but most notably in the bad (or really simply difficult) column, tantrums. If this kid doesn’t want something, like food, or to be in her stroller, or to get in her car seat, or…you get the idea, she becomes a wriggling, writhing mass of screaming toddler. She’ll hit, kick, and melt into a puddle on the floor. This was a bit mortifying in the middle of the hospital maternity ward tour the other day (we’re planning a home birth but it’s always good to be prepared).
Most of the time it’s a matter of slowing down and going her pace, but when we can’t (in the morning getting to work), we’ve come up with an ever changing variety of options to help transitions. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get smacked in the eye.

The ugly:
There is no ugly. She’s just too wicked adorable.



7 thoughts on “17 months

    • I knew you’d appreciate that one! I’ve decided I now have to invest in a cap for her now that her growth is leveling off, and she’ll have someone to hand it down to when she outgrows it. Pretty sure she’s planning on being a catcher…


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