16 Months…oops!

That life has been busy is clear when it takes 17 days for me to realize I missed Darwin’s 16 month post! It’s not that I’m tied to monthly posts, but she changes so rapidly I love having these little snapshots over time. So here we are, January 27th, and already this little ball of fire is 16-and-a-half months old! What did the 16th month look like? Let’s see if I can remember without letting too much of the last 17 days creep in…

16 months was a lot of reading. A lot of sitting in laps. A lot of increased independence. Darwin got the fabulous Wonder Woman crown from our friend Clare (who definitely wins an awesome auntie award for most beloved train items). She brings it to us so she can convince us to put it on just long enough for her to dance around before flinging it off. I had to edit this picture for blur and red-eye, she is a dervish! This is 16 months.

Eating is pretty much a non-issue because we ignore it most of the time. We have recently begun to stop allowing her to drop food on the floor. When she drops food, meal time for her is over. If she ate much, that might worry me, since she drops food almost immediately. However, Darwin still primarily nurses. In fact, she probably gets 75-90% of her calories from nursing. This was the most stressful part of that whole Christmas norovirus craziness. She wanted to nurse constantly because my production dropped, since I was vomiting and entirely unable to keep even water down for the better part of 8 hours. It took two days to feel re-hydrated and another day or so before my milk production was back up to snuff. You’d think she’d be willing to fill in with other food. Nope, she just kept asking to nurse. That’s probably why my supply jumped back so quickly though. I’m not really worried about the lengthening time of nursing. Night nursing means I’m still waking with her 2-5 times per night, but except on the extraordinarily bad nights (nursing ever 45 minutes – 1 hour…) I’m feeling mostly human these days. This kid is healthy, happy, and full of energy, and somehow I’ve maintained the same weight since she was about 9 months old. Oh, and it seems to provide relief from my migraines too. Hormones are freaking amazing.

Sleeping…currently a common theme here in the land of blog. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I wish I could tell all the mamas out there who are currently in the throws of first-year sleep deprivation that it gets better. Honestly, for me, at moments it is better, at moments it is as bad, or worse, than the first year. We have had a couple of nights (less than five, more than one) where Darwin has slept for a 5 hour + stretch. Meaning 5-5.5 hours. Mostly she goes down between 7 and 9 (usually between 7:30-8, but if we miss a window it’s waiting until 9:30-10), and sleeps for about two hours, during which time I may get up and eat something, clean something, do some coding (I’m learning Ruby, anyone want to join me??), or if I’m feeling super down about how long and hard it was to get the Bugaboo to sleep I may play Clash of Clans and binge watch Netflix with subtitles and beg Leah to bring me something disgustingly sweet and/or high calorie. Then she wakes up enough to nurse around 11 or 12. Then it’s anyone’s game, depending on teeth, gut, dreams, who knows? Sometimes she will sleep until 4, then 7, then 8 or 9 (on those rare days when we don’t have to be out of the house by 7:45). Sometimes it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….Mostly it’s somewhere in between. Some days I feel miserable about it, but most days there is coffee. Well, there’s always coffee. Most days it feels like there is coffee.

And…independence. Darwin can now climb down from our bed on her own, go backwards down the stairs like a snake on its belly, (sometimes) feed herself with a spoon, (sometimes) climb onto her new green chair at her new table from her awesome Aunt Mila and Uncle Vanya, carry a book to her rocking chair and climb in for a rock’n’read, and push her own stroller. This last has become a bit annoying at times, like when we want to take a walk at night and really, a mile with a toddler at night is FOR. EVER. But it’s also wicked adorable.

The ever-growing word list (probably the last time I will go through this, as it is approaching infinity rapidly): Mama, nono, yaya, yes, Darwin, Penley, Bergen, Auntie, Nelson, Annika, Papa Dave, Mama Jamie (not very clear yet, I think the “J” is tough), bird, sun, star, moon, pouch, puffs, cereal, Chex, outside (loudly. over, and over, and over), shoes, socks, diaper, poop, toot, potty, book, walk, thank you, please, banana and tomato (both sound like babaya), cheese, nurse, milk, Opa, Grandma (Baba), baby, bear, obnoxious (repeated clearly over and over and in multiple situations, I think she likes the sound of it. Is that irony?), stroller, bath, shower, flowers, hot, apple, crocodile, bye-bye, see-ya, all-done, blueberry, really (we’re pretty sure this is what she’s saying, as in “all-done REALLY”), jacket, train, choo-choo, water, high chair, house, ball, cat, dog, round-and-round (from the wheels on the bus), chicken, cock-a-doodle (hasn’t mastered the “doo” yet), one-two-three!….okay. This list is not exhaustive, but I’m exhausted just trying to remember all of them. This kid is definitely an auditory learner.


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