16 Weeks

How fast it goes…I missed 15 weeks, and here we are at 16+3.

16 week questions

Best moment of the week (or the last two weeks): Best moment is actually a series of moments throughout the past week or so, in which my younger sister, who is also pregnant (about 5 1/2 weeks further along than I am), and I have been texting back and forth and sharing our quirky concerns or enjoyments or daily symptoms and generally supporting each other and enjoying sharing our pregnancies.

Hardest moment of the week (or the last two weeks): Hardest moment is getting my hemoglobin A1C results back and finding that I’m at high risk of gestational diabetes. Luckily we found out early enough that I can try to control by blood sugar through exercise and diet with enough time to try to avoid the official diagnosis at 28 weeks.

What lets you know you’re pregnant throughout the day? What lets me know I’m pregnant is actually kind of funny, I just stated noticing it this weekend. After I go to the bathroom, it feels like my uterus expands into the now-vacant space. I envision my baby stretching out and enjoying the extra room.

What are you looking forward to in the next month? In the next month I’m looking forward to the ultrasound! I’m just over 16 weeks now so I should be getting that done in about 4 weeks. We’ve decided to find out the sex this time, and I’m looking forward to visual confirmation that our little Bumblebee is A-OK.

What surprises you the most about your pregnancy? Mostly just how I think “OMG I’M 16 WEEKS THAT’S ALMOST HALFWAY” and simultaneously “haven’t I been pregnant for longer than that?” How come I’m not showing yet? Why don’t I feel more pregnant? The feeling of time passing so quickly and so slowly all at once. Conceptually it’s not that surprising but the feeling of it is unfamiliar.

About the baby

Our baby is growing so fast right now! All signs continue to point towards a healthy baby, meaning they appear to be growing at about the right rate and we have a healthy heartbeat every time we check.

Size: 4.6 inches, 3.5 ounces. Or the size of an avocado.

Fun developmental fact: At this point the little bee’s skin is becoming waterproof.

Baby prep: This week I fixed the water pressure in our house by draining the hot water heater and flushing it out. It was a crap shot, and I’m so glad all it cost us was about 50 gallons of water! Slowly checking off maintenance that needs to be done before we’re washing two more loads of laundry a day…

From the other mama

There has been a fair amount of stress in our household the last several weeks. From illness to teething (13-16 are now through!), from disappointing blood test results to a sudden upsurge in the hours I need to put in for work, things have been a little bit tough. Today, however, we saw a little bit of light, and I know Leah’s stress levels have been helped by that. Over the weekend we were both able to get a little bit caught up on work, Darwin actually slept more than three hours in a row for the last two nights, and today we had a lovely play date with one of Darwin’s very first caregivers and her sweet, funny granddaughter.

On another note, my next project is to pull the gross old carpet out of our bedroom. We removed it from the rest of the house a few years ago, but didn’t have enough money to do the bedroom and now it’s just got to go, especially with a new baby coming. This will not wait another two years. My plan for now is to rip it out, buy and lay the subflooring (OSB panels with tongue and groove edges), and paint that with some kind of sealer. Unless I find another job. In which case I will buy more flooring and actually finish it. But damn. That carpet has to go.


8 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. That’s fun to have a sibling expecting around the same time! My brother & his gf had their first a year after my first, and their second is due 7 months after my second, so they’ll all be really close in age. It makes family gatherings a lot of fun!


  2. lifeasagaymom says:

    So how close will the two babies be in age? If I remember correctly Darwin is 13-15 months right? Shawn and Leo were four years apart and I’m really excited this time around to have the next two closer in age. They will be just 17 months apart.


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