14 weeks

Leah is 14 weeks pregnant today, which by any measure puts her solidly at the beginning of her second trimester.

14 week questions

Best moment of the week: Best moments were coming home with our midwife’s doppler and getting the heartbeat right away, and feeling my first Braxton Hicks contraction. Those things, even more than hearing the heartbeat the first time, made it feel real.

Hardest moment of the week: Hardest moment was the day we found out about Penley being born. It was scary as an auntie and a sister in law and as a pregnant mama. It made me much more conscious of my and my family’s mortality than I had any interest in being.

How’s the sleeping thing going? Sleeping is not great. I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep, haven’t been sleeping through the night, and have mostly been waking up at 7:30 at the latest. It’s ok if I can get an afternoon nap in, but that’s not possible as often as I fell like I need it. I think low energy is due to poor sleep but it feels too much like early first trimester. It’s not as constant as that, but sometimes the fatigue just hits me like a ton of bricks.

Does it fell real yet? Even though it’s still hard to conceptualize the fact that there’s a tiny human growing inside of me, I am finally feeling pregnant.

About the baby

This week or midwife was kind enough to loan us her doppler for peace of mind. Between the norovirus and our sweet nephew’s prenature birth, Leah was feeling pretty shaky. We have had the joy to be able to listen to the little bee’s heart three evenings in a row!

Size: 3.6 inches, or the size of a large lemon.

Fun developmental fact: Baby’s nuchal fold can no longer be measured reliably. The baby app was slim on fun facts this week!

Favorite locale: Seems to enjoy chilling in the left side so far, but has plenty of time to find all sorts of hiding places before the 20 week scan!

From the other mama

What a week! Finding baby bee’s heartbeat on the doppler was thrilling. Worrying about our nephew and the rest of the east coast family has consumed a lot of my thoughts this week, which has made things go very very very slow, then very fast all at once.

I’ve begun to really imagine Darwin as a big sister and that just feels wild. My sweet, happy baby is a full on toddler note, with all the wants and must haves and crying and laughing that comes with that. I’m both looking forward to seeing her interact with her sibling and feeling just a little bit sad to think that our time with just us three will be changing so drastically just as we really have found out rhythm. Typical parenting stuff I suppose!


3 thoughts on “14 weeks

  1. I’m in the exact same space with you re: Darwin. I’m so excited but also a little sad, not to mention apprehensive. What if she resents the Bee? What if she loses trust in me? Etc. Normal maybe but still stressful. But we’ll manage and probably even have fun. X to the O.

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    • Just wanted to echo the vote of confidence as someone who had recently been there (or still is? hard to tell…). It’s a heck of a transition for everyone but open communication and trying very hard to see the best in each other goes a long way. Enjoy the final months as a family of three–I’m sure you’ll make the most of them!

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